I wonder would satan have succeeded in the garden, if Eve were not alone. Folks, have you notice that satan, the serpent did not go after Eve and Adam while they were together, while they were united in fellowship. 

Why did he wait until Eve was alone, does that mean satan is afraid of unity. Can it be that unity could prove to be satan's downfall? Do you think there is a deliberate move from satan to keep God's people divided even within the churches, within our doctrine?

Today, it seem not only is unity under attack but the word of God is also under attack, just as in the garden of Eden where satan deliberately attack the word of God by placing doubt in Eve on what God had commanded, people it would seem today satan is still attacking God's word by keeping people so occupied they choose not to spend time in the word but if we go back to the beginning we ought to see the importance that satan place on casting doubt on God's word, we ought to see how cowardly he was in moving in on Eve only when she was alone.

So today are we letting satan succeed by not standing together in unity, by us thinking that what God so declare is no longer valid but more important are we allowing satan to win by our failure to study Gods word. 

Come on people of God let us wake up and consider the road and remember that there are many who are declaring Lord, Lord but who will not get recognition could it be that knowing Gods word and unity will play a large path to getting on the narrow path.

The thought suddenly come to me and I am wondering, well food for thought maybe.

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Sarah, love is very important because Christ is love but the fact is we have to preach and teach the nation in order for them to know that love which is Christ so when our Lord and Saviour directed His disciples to go into all nations teaching all about Him it is really the same as saying go into all nation  teaching people about love because Christ is love therefore if you are going to teach people about Him your work is imcomplete if it did not include love.  You see to know love is to know Christ therefore it is important to study the word of God because in the word of God we can and will get to know Christ/love.

You see it would be nice if everyone in the world could just love each other , however there are an awful lot of people who don't even know what love is.  The whole nations could only be as one if we are all on the same page that is why it is necessary to preach and teach and study so that we all can be of one mind.

When we have a new born baby they dont automatically know things the parents have to guide them by teaching them things until they get to a certain age then they are expected to study in order to progress and increase in knowledge that is the same as a believer first we are like new born babes relying on the leaders to teach us all things that is the stage where we need the milk but that stage cannot and should not last forever because there have to come a point where we move on to the solid food and that is where we need to begin to study and learn things for ourself.


"I wonder would satan have succeeded in the garden, if Eve were not alone. Folks, have you notice that satan, the serpent did not go after Eve and Adam while they were together, while they were united in fellowship.
Why did he wait until Eve was alone, does that mean satan is afraid of unity."

Yes Christ is love, but the question is are we love and that certainly was the question or at least is what I see was the question you asked about? Did Adam love Eve?

The reason this becomes important is that out of love, if we love then we should treat all as equal? I mean think about it. Without equality I would submit there can be no love or little? Adam made a decision not to treat Eve equally as she was not invited to walk with God as Eve, so there was no way for her to understand what Adam and herself was really given. I mean if you love someone, are they not a part of your entire life? Do they not know what you know? I mean if we hold back from our loved ones are we being honest with them?

It should be clear, I think that Adam and Eve were equal as Eve was made as and extension of Adam. The reason Satan went after Eve instead of Adam was because she was not invited or considered as equal, which was something in Adam and not Eve? Yes of course Satan will go after the weakest link. What made her the weakest link? Because she was a woman and therefore all women are weak? I mean many believe that, including many in the church, but then again many in the church believe that those in the church are over others, which is one of the reasons why they are in the church, so they can be in authority over others, not understanding the nature of God, which is love, being the servant even to the servant.

In Christianity especially, because in the Hebrew, it was Sarah that carried the birthright and not Abraham. In Christianity, the male carries the birthright, so it has changed. Are we not to honor God and His ways? We all talk about getting back to basics, but are we really getting back to basics or continuing in a path that is destructive. When Jesus was on earth as we are, and a man wanted to marry a woman the male had to go to the father of the perspective bride and not only ask permission for her hand in marriage, but had to pay the father of the bride and if it was a good bride that would be faithful, the cost was, in today's terms, the cost of a fairly decent house, which is why a groom usually worked for the father of the bride for a given period of time, because in the Hebrew, the bride was highly prized.

Today the model in Christianity is that women should be silent in church, but it is taken out of context as the male is responsible to God for what happens, which is why a woman is not to speak loudly at least in the church, but that is not how the church is run anymore. Today the male does not accept the responsibility of what is happening on earth, but finds reasons not to accept responsibility. OOOPS can''t do this or that I mean I am married have wife and kids and well as you know if we do not take care of our own family we are no better than the heathens? Good excuse so instead of taking care of the community, the male ducts the responsibility in the church as he is dominate over the woman and that is called love?

The reason I yake all the time about love is God is calling the church to get it together and get back to what was originally meant or ordained, which by the way is also respecting the Sabbath and for those of you who do not know the Sabbath is now and always has been the last day of the week, not the first, which was changed by a pope in the Catholic church. Why is that important? If we do not keep His commandments we do not love God. Part of the commandments if for men to walk in their place, which is to be responsible for what is happening in the community and in the church. That is if we a are going to do it God's way, which by the way also includes the five fold gift ministry?

It used to be considered sin to do it our own way? Today we just justify the heck out of it. Now back to love and equality. Is it love to do things other than God's way or is it abuse? If it is abuse and not God's way, God calls it witchcraft and sorcery. We call it good Christian practices. Huh?

Furthermore if Christ is the example of love, then as the body of Christ if we are not love, then we are not of God and that is my concern and why the great tribulation happens on earth is because man has been running things instead of God and His ways.

Without equality there can be no love and without equality there can be no free will and if there is no free will there is no liberty and without that there is no Holy Spirit as it is all very connected, but man likes to have beliefs that differ from God's?

If we could love one another? It says they will know that you are mine by your love one for the other and as a part of love there will be equality. Yes we have our place in the church if we carry the birthright as it was originally intended. Paul didn't explain it as Jews knew it already. We talk about getting into holiness, but still are trying to do it our own way, which is what Cain and Able was all about, which is why I am concerned about the topic of love as we can see there was little love from Cain to Able?


Eve wasn't alone in the Garden
 she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.
Gen 3:6 NIV

Just the case of men you pay no attention to spiritual things and delegate their functions to their wives.

Emma I never suggested she was alone in the garden but I would assume if they thought the they could hide from God that the garden was not standing room only just as we could all be in a church building or a house but not necessary at the same place both spiritually or physically, you could be in the kitchen and I in the service or in the hallway and I in the living room, you could be on milk and I have already moved on to solid food that means brother that we may be together in the building but quite alone being at separate parts of the building or separated Spiritually by our understanding of matters. So yes Eve was alone at the point where the serpent beguiled her, the Scripture did not say the serpent beguiled Eve and Adam but that it beguile Eve I wonder why if Adam was right by her side whether Spiritually or Physically the sepent did not also beguiled Adam.

Now even today you have a congregration and there is separation within the congregration, also with the denominations by our doctrines we have separation you see we may all claim to be in Christ yet there are so many things that keeps us separated so yes Eve was alone at the point where she was beguiled and because she was alone the evil one was able to disrupt the order of things and we all know once someone causes a disruption it moves through like lightening i.e. a so call sister or so call brother comes in your midst and say quietly in your ear you know what so and so say this about you I am telling you but I dont want to let anyone know I told you and before you know it there is a division within the church, the so call sister or brother can only create a division because they happened to catch someone on their own either spiritually or physically.

Well I guess a couple of things, starting with it says clearly that Eve was deceived and Adam was not deceived. He was not deceived as Adam was able to walk with God in the garden. Where the problem is, is that Adam did not invite Eve to walk with God and Adam so she too could have learned by the hand of God as by the statement that Adam was not deceived made it that they were equal and to be equal they would have both been not deceived? 

So the point is Adam either made a choice not to ask Eve to walk with him and God or Adam did not teach Eve all that he should have. 

So yes it does say that Adam was with Eve when she ate the fruit, but Adam sort of failed to stop her? 

For the life of me I do not understand why men do not see that being that woman was made from man that they were not equal, but Adam did not treat Eve with equality. Your comment makes it sound like men are over women, but in truth it is men that are responsible for women, but that means that men will be accountable to God for what they teach or do not teach women. It is not that one is over the other, but men do have a responsibility to women to show us the truth. 

It actually does not say Adam was with her when she was beguile, but when she ate the fruit the thing is the sin happened even before they ate of the fruit because disbelieve or doubting God's word took place, lust took place and disobedience when she pick the friut, the eating of the fruit was just the icing on the cake so I go with your thought Sarah that Adam was having fellowship without Eve.

And what I think in regards to the equality or superior issue I think most especially men but definately some women seem to miss is that man was only given dominance over woman after the fall it was after the eating of the fruit that man was made superior to woman prior to that they were as one equal. Man been Superior or dominant over woman was one of the punishment along with pain in child birth that was meted out to woman due to the fall of man


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