The simple story of Luke 5:1-11:  There is  a  teaching  on every verse by verse......The calling of His first discples,This  is what we need to  do,  going  way back in order for us to see change in our Ministries....

1} Let God  come  first in our ministries.... These  people  left all they  were doing and we BUSY PRESSING ON each other to hear the word s of  Jesus.  Brethren where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty.. if it is so in our churches.. why do we  have so many  latecomers and absentees in our churches today? whereas we say we coming to meet with the Lord?Why can't our  members  be like these who were so  hungry to hear from God .. They  had him 1st;May we also have the Zeal  and go back to seeking God's face Day and Night. The over nights prayer meetings should be for both the preacher and the flock. {Praying pulpits begats praying Pews by E m Bounds}

2}BE EMPTY For God to use us.... many times  we  want God to use us  while  our hearts   and minds are occupied with some petty things  that leaves barely any  room for the Holy spirit  to operate in our lives. The 2 Boats were empty not occupied.Mary was a virgin... her womb had previously never  been defiled. Light cannot  dwell  together with darkness. May God help us to  EMPTY ourselves that we may be readily availble for  his  use to  carry  the message of Love, forgiveness and  healing to the  nations.

3} God is a God of second chances.... We can  trust him  in our ministries. after  He finished attending to the crowd. He turned on to   Simon and ministered to him. Simon was busy washing his nets while Christ was ministering, He missed to hear what christ was giving  because he was  distracted by the chore of washing nets which requires  alot of time. I pray that  Nothing will  be our distraction in the service to God. May our forcuss be on the calling and assignments He assigned  to us  for we shall one day answer.

4}Lauching to the DEEP....... Jesus asked them to lauch their nets into the deep.... The big treasures and  found in the deep not the shallow waters.. the giant fish  whales and king of the sea are not found in the shallow water,We have to DIG Deeper in the  things of God. Studying deeper  the  word of God before we preach it , praying harder..   my dad mr warui said..we have been to comfortable with the shallow preparations.. the  only difference that a student who studies ahead of the teacher and the one who  does not is that he knows and understands better the material that is studied in class it is like a review not not  new material.OOh may  we be willing to go  an extra mile in holiness, rightiousness, truth and  even as  we profess christ.

5} Master.. Yes know the Voice of your master. simeon  knew that it was not a man Speaking but the  master of all universe He adresses him as Master...  May we  learn to  hear THE VOICE OF THE HOLY GHOST and   distinguish it from   all other  voices as we serve him.  He will  lead us to where the treasures are. commune with the Holy spirit my dear  servant of the Lord.

6}OBEY.... they Obeyed... One you obey God Your ministry will be blessed to the overflow.... Halleluyah!disobedience to God has consequences.. Before I accept any  invitation I always ask the will of God.Disobidience is what is causing stagnancy in our ministries  remeber the story of Jonah.

7}They BECONED To their friends.. Once God blesses your ministry  everyone will  know  YOU have been blessed. even the people  who ignore or  tried  to bring you down!The sanbalats and tobias will also witness in your life that God has come thru for you,, It  happened to Anna   after being redicculed by penina it will also happen to you.

8}Repent for  Unbelief...   It Is   God who called you  if you have been reluctant fall at his  knees and ask him to take over your ministry

.10} FORSAKE ALL  and  follow him...... THE 2 CHANGES that  took place

i} They changed from  fishers  of  fish  to the  fishers of Men.   many  are still in the  wrong ministries we have been called to  serve the lord.

ii} They were toiling all night without Jesus  and caught nothing...  but when HE came they saw results  of their all night work...  Christ has to be the centre of your service  HAVE YOU BEEN TOILING ALONE OR WITH THE MASTER JESUS IN YOUR MINISTRY?

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