Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. (Ex 23:20)

I) I send an Angel before thee:

The reason is simple: God is taking you from the familiar to the unfamiliar; thus, you need guidance and leadership. It's practically impossible to enter your prepared place in life without guidance and leadership. You can have everything and still be stranded, if you are not properly guided and led. 

The Angel the Lord sends before you, has supernatural and literal dimensions. The supernatural dimension has to do with the angel of the Lord assigned to you. This Angel looks more like you and knows you more than you know yourself. The literal dimension has to do with someone ( God's messenger), sent to provide the guidance and leadership needed to take you from where you are now, to where you are destined to be through mentorship.

Listen! There is just no other way by which you can successfully enter your destiny, except by obeying the Angel of the Lord sent ahead of you. Many accidents in life and ministry are as a result of disobedience. 

"I send an Angel before thee," implies, he is more familiar with the path you have to take to get to where God destined for you than you. When you are going to where you haven't been to at any time of your life, you need someone familiar with the terrain to take you there. God doesn't lead us to familiar grounds, but to unfamiliar territories; that's the reason for guidance and leadership.

Pride and arrogance can send your Angel away; and attempting the journey to your destiny without an Angel of the Lord sent before you to lead and guide you, is nothing, but a voluntary suicide mission. This month of May, I encourage you to cooperate with the Angel the Lord has sent before you to guide and to lead you. If you don't have an Angel of the Lord before you, it's wise to stop the journey and ask God for one. Our lives were already planned before we got here; we simply need to discover the plan and follow it. You can be the most devoted Christian and still be miserable, if you lack knowledge. Watch-out for part 2! Talk to you later! 
DrBenard Etta

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