Does this frighten you???? How would your pastor respond to this!!!!

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I do agree its not so much those who sit in the pews and who are willing to at least learn something different and become aware, for this is what I am feeling after I speak that there are many who are interested in learning more about Global Missions and long term. Its those who stand behind pulpits who are controlling what is being said for FEAR of people getting the information and the nudge from the Holy Spirit to contemplate being a global and long term missionary (not the 2 week vacation being defined as missions) for FEAR it would take the very resources from the 'cherch' to be obligated to support those of his 'cherch' to go as witnesses as directed by the scriptures to Go Ye Therefore.... The fear is mainly from the leaders and the 'men' from the black bully pulpit 'cherches'....
The Church setting wont touch what your touching ..BOTTOM LINE,,so what do we do continue with the same format or get under a teaching that is waking us up to life change instead of the building fund
Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

Psalm 82:3-4 (King James Version)
Member Support Needed to Make Plan a Success
The Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. and the distinguished members of the General Board ensure the preservation of a sacred Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) landmark and enhance its usefulness through an impressive global administrative, informational, and operational center.

The administration center, located on the campus of the international headquarters of the Church Of God In Christ, will afford denominational departments and ministries the ability to empower congregational initiatives, strengthen Jurisdictional programs, and advance international COGIC ministries. This cultural gem, a religious antiquity, symbolizes our rich COGIC heritage and will accommodate progressive COGIC initiatives.

Presiding Bishop Blake and the presidium has commissioned a national team of planners, capital development professionals, and church leaders to implement the timely completion of this project. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels has been selected to chair this committee and orchestrate deliverables in concert with the administrative team at headquarters.

Mason Temple COGIC has served as a focus point in the history of this country. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his final speech there the night before his assassination, and world leaders have sought out the location for significant outreach to the African American population. The campus is a federally-designated national landmark and for the first time in more than 40 years, the ministries of the church will operate from a central location in Memphis on the Campus of Mason Temple.

Renovating an additional 20,000 square feet on the grounds of the Mason Temple campus sets forth a financial challenge to the members, friends, and stakeholders across the nation and the world to raise more than $2 million through 2009 to be ready to move in by the summer 2010. You will hear more about the capital campaign in upcoming months. I hope that you can find it in your heart to help support this major initiative on behalf of the Church of God in Christ.

Your Servant in Christ!

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
The Seventh in Succesion
Okaaaay, was this supposed to have something to do with global missions???? Or did I miss sumpthin'... Also in terms of Muslims out producing us through having more faith in their god in fulfilling the mandate of being fruitful and multiplying is why they are 12 to our 1 of having more babies than us who put our faith in Jesus the Christ. One of the reasons why I admire the Duggars so much of what a true Christian family is supposed to look like. Why do we who are confessed and professed Christians only having on average 2 children per family? Where is our faith demonstrated, only in terms of seeking to be "blessed" as we go upwards to the corporate ladder? Where is our faith in having more children other than the 1 or 2 children we usually have?

I have still not heard or seen any proof that COGIC is fascillitating the Great Commission like the other ethnic churches. The question is, what percentage of every dollar going into the COGIC coffers are sent out to invest into the Great Commission???? (I'm almost tired of asking this same question for the last 10 years, when I already know the answer)
Well neither you or I are in an administrative position to know what exact dollar amount is invested, I know the amount I donate to that cause through my church to support it. And of course I know what my local church and State invest in the outreach ministry that I do. however COGIC and I don't think any other denomination is in competition with each other, for it boils down to an individual responsibility when it comes to answering to our Lord.

As far as reproduction, I have one child, and have never aborted or even been on birth control, some things are left up to God.

Muslims out producing us mean nothing, ask Gideon, you don't need a lot when God is for you
No one is suggesting that its the numbers that are in fact at issue in terms of how many muslims compared to Christians, what it does speak of is our lack of being salt and light to the Islamic world by not doing what Christ has commanded us to do which is to engage the world with the light of Christ and let your light so shine. COGIC is not known in the unreached world, so when you do find those numbers let me know, cause they should be upfront with what they do with your tithes and offerings to continue the works of Christ on earth as we continue to journey as aliens and pilgrims until we are brought home to our effectual eternal Kingdom of rest. Really that's the first question I will ask when even considering joining a particular church is how actively involved are they with prayers, encouragement, finances and support of those who are on the front lines with the Gospel and Good News of Christ to the nations. Where your treasure is .....................
Brother Scott,
I was COGIC a good portion of my life and I am very familiar with what they do even to this day. I don't have to continue to walk among them to know what they do....LOL.

They are not much different than a lot of religious institutions and establishments that have a focus on building more churches and filling up pews. Most of the evangelizing done is within the US. My work in evangelism was much the same as Fugett with the exception of the Prisons, although our church did had a prison ministry.

You are right when you say that the black (cherch) doesn't do much in the way of Missions.
EW, your short time in COGIC does not give you insight in what they are doing now or probably not then as well. And as far as your work being similar to mine, all you know is what I've shared here on BPN, and believe me little girl that is just a tip of it

And again you are not a part of any be it black white or brown, CHURCH, so you are not qualified to speak for any of them.

One must beware of a haughty spirit
First of all I am not a little girl,...LOL... secondly why do you always presume to know what It is I know or have knowledge of. I wasn't with the COGIC a short time, as you state, but a good portion of my life. I am very familiar with the ins and outs, ups and downs. I know the founder, Bishop C.H. Mason, and anthems and all of that because we said them every Sunday. I went to the Holy Convocations just like you did. I did all the missionary work and attended all the classes just as you. I was a busy little bee and just because I was young, doesn't mean I was stupid and uninvolved. I was a junior missionary and sat under our Mothers in the church and elder sisters as well. They taught me a lot which is why I am the way I am today. Our mothers didn't play and they still don't.

For the record, as I sit here and type this, I am not angry, just responding. You stated that I am not a part of any Church, in which you continue to say this. AGAIN, you are completely wrong, BECAUSE I AM A PART OF THE CHURCH THAT CHRIST BUILT.

If you are talking about these denominations and institutions, you are correct, I am not apart of those, because they are WHAT MAN BUILT. I am a proud member of God's church and always will be.

As for the mission work of the COGIC, I know they do not have a huge presence in the field ABROAD. There is monetary support for mission efforts, but not very much in terms of going to the ground level. A sister that was a member of my former church had a meeting with me and my husband back in Michigan before we left. She and her group goes to the Congo every year. Our business donated a lot of items to their group for their trip in 2005. She invited us to go with them and told us how dangerous the trip would be.

She also informed us that not that many actually go into the field and they want that to change. There is a lot of monetary support, but a lot of denominations give monetary support. The real mission work is to leave the comforts of American soil and go their physically. That is what COGIC doesn't do. They do have a few soldiers just as others, but I know that the numbers aren't as large as you think they are.

Please stop ASSUMING SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT I DO AND WHAT I KNOW. You know nothing of me, who I know, what I do, or where I've been. It sounds like you have the haughty spirit because you always measure your works to others and discount what others do when you compare it to what you do.

I think as long as we are working in the kingdom for the same goal of reaching the lost, that is what matters. I can assure you that God will not be handing out trophies for volume but effectiveness.

Said in love
understood in love, and I'm sorry BUT YOU WRONG, and you can not speak what COGIC is doing now because it obvious you don't know.
For the record, just so you understand, I am not saying they don't have any foot soldiers because I just told you of a group I know personally from my previous church that goes to THE CONGO EVERY YEAR.

I am merely stating, that the army is short staffed in many denominations as it pertains to foot soldiers. Giving money is great, but taking that trip abroad is what is lacking. COGIC as well as other denominations don't have the foot soldiers in huge numbers as do some other organizations.


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