hi  god  bless to  thoses whom  read this  god saved  me  at  home  filled  me with  his  holy spirit in  my sleep. i speak in toungs  my god is real  i prayed  for a  woman at  a nursing home i wored at  for  6  months  she had a  brain tummer   ii prayed  every day i went to clean or  feed  her she  could  not talk  but as i was singing  i would see  her  tears   she  could  not talk  or  move at all   well after  6  months  the  head  nurse gave a  nother  nurse   this lady  as  this  nurse  had  her in  the  pool a  big  bath tub this  lady  had died  bring her  down the hall i ask what  ahppen to  her the  nuse said she  dioed in the  bath  will i come help  put her in  the  bed i  did    as  we were straing her  body  out   nurses all around her  bed  she was  bule  from  being  dead awhile,  i  had  bottom of  her  body other  nurse  had  her top this  lady was 7 foot tall  any  way  i touched  her feet when i  did  i felt  the  holy spirit  go through  my  hands  this woman came to  breathing i  had the  next  two  days off  work i prayed  i  fasted  i ask  god if  this  be  your  child  please  god dont let her suffer any  more take  her  home  well  when i  went  back to work a  male  nurse  seen me  come in the door and said to  me  zadie your  lady  died you wasnt here to pray  for  her  i  lifted  my  hand and said thank you god  for you see  all  new  when this happen i prayed  for every  one  and  it was all over the  nursing home  by the time i  got off work   god  will and dose  heal and  will raise   the  dead  for to  see what  he  can  do  to tell the people of this  world i tell  whom i  can  tell   hes shone  me so  much   i will tell what  god  will do for i love  my god    my lord and  king god bless  

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