Fundraising with No Out of Pocket Investment and Earn Residual Income for Everyone...Whatablessing

Fundraising with No Out of Pocket Investment...Whatablessing

If you are involved in non-profits or fundraisers at any level, we ask that you contact us so we can go over the MatchRate PLUS Fundraising program with you over the phone.

We’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have and put you in contact with the individual running the MatchRate PLUS Fundraising Division.. Additionally, you can register here:

Now please understand that everything posted below is not the “official” way that the MatchRate PLUS fundraising program will work. This post is for EXAMPLE purposes only and any and/or all of the information may change as far as exactly how the MatchRate PLUS Fundraiser will work.

Here’s just one example of how the MatchRate PLUS Fundraising Program could work. Let’s say that you are a member of your local Church and you’ve already enrolled as a MatchRate PLUS Agent for free. You could simply speak to the individual in charge of fundraising at your Church and tell them how the MatchRate PLUS credit card processing opportunity works.

As far as MatchRate PLUS, the offer is simple (and patent-pending) to business owners. They switch their Merchant Account to MatchRate PLUS for free and they…
Earn 25% of the commission already being generated by their credit card processing account

Keep the same exact low rates that they already have now – NOTHING CHANGES
Are provided with a “Match Rate Guarantee” which means if anyone ever comes in and offers a lower rate, Match Rate PLUS will match that rate
Are provided with free credit card processing equipment if they need it
Get $295 in cancellation fee assistance if their current credit card processor charges a cancelation fee
Have access to 24/7 365-day expert support
Can get a free smart phone credit card swipe so they can accept credit card payments with their iPhone, Android phone, or iPad
Access to a custom MatchRate PLUS customer back office portal to view their MatchRate PLUS commissions they generated
A long list of unique e-payment solutions, security, compliance, gift card and loyalty programs, and much, much more

Now don’t worry, you don’t have to remember all of that. In fact, you don’t have to remember any of it. When you enroll as a MatchRate PLUS Agent for free, you get access to a printable MatchRate PLUS brochure that explains everything that is listed above.

Now that your Church knows exactly what the unique and patent-pending offer is to business owners who process credit cards and debit cards, you can let them know about the business opportunity, and how the Church (and all of their members) can earn a monthly residual income in credit card processing. The Church can use the funds to raise money for their missions, help the community, etc. And the members of the Church can supplement their income. (As a reminder, this example is for illustration purposes only. Contact us for additional information.)

Now as far as how everyone generates a monthly residual income, it’s quite simple.

Anytime a MatchRate PLUS Agent refers a business to MatchRate PLUS and they become a customer, that Agent earns a $50 upfront bonus PLUS a lifetime residual income from ALL of the credit card transactions that businesses processes forever.

Now sure, a Match Rate PLUS Agent can generate a nice residual income plus upfront money that way, but the real money is made by sharing the business opportunity with others. When an Agent refers other Agents to MatchRate PLUS using their Agent ID, those referred agents are now in their Network. As those Agents bring in customers, the referring Agent earns a percentage of the commissions generated each and every month. (See MatchRate PLUS Commissions for more details…)

The bottom line is that you will earn an override from EVERY customer that Agents you enroll to MatchRate PLUS refer. In some ways, it is like how the life insurance or health insurance industry works. But do not get the MatchRate PLUS business confused with MLM or Network Marketing. Unlike MLM or Network Marketing, MatchRate PLUS is 100% free to join and there are no monthly fees or products to buy.

Now in addition (and here’s the real magic), you also earn a monthly residual commission from your ENTIRE Agent Network. So let’s say you told your friend Sue about MatchRate PLUS. She enrolled and told Tom. Tom enrolled and told Fred. Fred enrolled and told Bill. Bill enrolled and… You get the picture. You earn a percentage from ALL the customers in your entire Agent Network. (A 5% to 17.5% monthly residual commission to be exact.)

So getting back to your Church, how can they fit in? Simple. They enroll into MatchRate PLUS as a non-profit, using your MatchRate PLUS website link, of course. Enrolling is quick and easy and only takes 2 minutes. Now the next step will be for the Church to announce to ALL members that they are looking for volunteers to help raise money for the church. (Remember, this is just an example.)

MatchRate PLUS Fundraising
Disclaimer: The following is just OUR IDEA and an example of how the MatchRate PLUS fundraiser may work. We may be completely right, some things may change, or everything could change. Contact us for further details.

MatchRate PLUS provides one of the, if not the best residual income opportunities available today. Why? Because volunteers can get paid! Here’s how it it could work…

The Church explains to everyone that they are doing a new fundraiser for the community that is a win for the Church, a win for all local business owners, and a win for all members of the Church because EVERYONE involved has the potential to generate a nice income every single month.

All the volunteers have to do is sign up (FOR FREE) on the Church’s MatchRate PLUS website, become an Agent (FOR FREE), print off a few dozen copies of the flier in the back office that explains the MatchRate PLUS offer to Merchants, and then hand the flier to a few local business owners they know.

So all the Church has to do is simply send all of their members to the Church’s MatchRate PLUS website and get everyone to enroll. Next, they tell all their members to hand out the fliers to local businesses. This would not only help the Church raise money, but the business owner will now be able to become an Agent on their own Merchant Account and earn 25% of the commissions from their own account each and every single month.
Now check this out….

Because YOU referred your local Church, you are going to generate commissions from ALL of the businesses in your community that make the switch to MatchRate PLUS. This would be a win-win-win for all involved.

Now remember, both the MatchRate PLUS offer to Merchants and the business opportunity are patent-pending – and the entire MatchRate PLUS offer to Merchants has never been made before to any business owner before. So with the MatchRate PLUS business opportunity, you have a first-to-market advantage. In fact, you may be one of the FIRST people in your community to learn about MatchRate PLUS.

With MatchRate PLUS, you can be one of the first!
Get out there and start talking to people. All it takes is a handful (or less) active Agents in your Agent Network to have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or more customers in your Merchant Account Portfolio that you’re earning commissions on each and every month. This could quickly turn into a very lucrative full-time income for someone who invests the time to build this business.

Like What You’ve Read Thus Far?
Now before we go any further, we kindly as that you enroll as a MatchRate PLUS Agent with us today. We have been been building business that earn a residual income online and off since 1999, have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales online, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge, insider information, and secrets with you. No gimmicks. No hype. Just straight forward information.

In addition, we’ll be pulling back the curtains on EXACTLY what we’re doing to refer hundreds, even thousands of Agents and customers to MatchRate PLUS. We’ll provide you with the exact emails we send, scripts for the phone, and so much more. Join today and be sure to get on our newsletter to learn more.

Who Should You Contact About MatchRate PLUS Fundraising Program?
There are many ways that MatchRate PLUS can benefit all types of organizations from churches, food banks, to local community shelters. But to give you a better idea….
Arts, Culture, Recreation
amateur sports
arts and culture
boosters, music and sports
historical societies and related historical activities
media and communications
Olympics and Special Olympics
performing arts
fitness and community recreation centers
recreation, pleasure or social clubs
scouts (boy and girl)
sports training
visual arts
Education And Research
adult continuing education programs
elementary and secondary education
parent teacher organizations
student services
animal protection and welfare
botanic and horticulture activities
humane society
pollution abatement
specialty animals
non-profit veterinary services
wildlife preservation and protection
Health/Human Services
addiction prevention and treatment
child and youth services
crisis intervention
day care centers
emergency assistance
food banks and donation centers
emergency medical services
family services
half-way houses
health care financing and/or insurance programs
health support services
health treatment, primarily outpatient
nursing homes
primary medical care centers
urban/city housing organizations
housing support services
mental health treatment and services
personal social services
psychiatric/mental health-primary care
public health and wellness education
reproductive health care
rehabilitative medical services
residential/custodial care
temporary shelters, homeless shelters
Public/Societal Benefit
business services
community and/or neighborhood development organizations
community coalitions
community service clubs, like a Junior League
consumer rights and/or education
economic development and urban and rural
foundations (all types)
trust / endowments
Christian churches, missionary societies, and related religious organizations
Jewish synagogues
other religions

So what are you waiting for? Go to: become a MatchRate PLUS Agent today or contact us if you are involved in a non-profit and you are interested in learning more about the MatchRate PLUS Fundraising Program.

See Video Presentation Here:


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