Why is it that when God takes us into a place of transition, we fight Him? It seems that it becomes uncomfortable at times and we feel out of our element and therefore, there becomes an inner warfare or battle. It is amazing how we know God, and know it is God but hesitate to move. Many people talk about the desire to go higher in God and talk about moving when the spirit says move but, honestly, we don't. What is it, fear? Are we afraid of what God has already promised us? Whether spiritual promotion, elevation in the anointing, stirring of gifts and the things we request of Him. It seems that there is always a period of questioning God and saying "I am ready" with our mouths, but our feet won't move.

What should one do in this situation? How can one be reassured it is time? Who can one trust to help us understand what God is doing? Why do we hesitate?

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