I now understand more and more about this so-call world of "Hip-Hop". I understand now why "Hip-Hop"has really no place in our churches and yet it's slowly creeping in our church doors. After hearing all of this, I will stand behind fellow clergy members by NOT allowing "Hip-Hop" into our churches.

Pastors,Ministers and Church Leaders, would you allow "Hip-Hop" in your churches? Is this a way in keeping our youth in church? I am interested in all feedback concerning this issue.

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Do you like Hiphop music Brother Watson?
God moves in any situation. Hip Hop is music, its a genre of music. If God can move on country, jazz, rock, opera then God can move on Hip Hop. No Hip Hop wont keep the young people, that's a far fetched idea. Almost like saying Gospel music will keep them. The word of God in Hip Hop will keep them. Its a awesome ministering tool. I compare it to the web, Its full of junk and all kinds of sinful sites. But we have found our lane in it. We now use it for the good. I FEEL MY HELP NOW! The word said that "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God". If a hip hop artist Loves God and raps the Word, then who are we to stop them from ministering the word. Bottom line is this.....Your Church, Your Choice. DO YOU BELIEVE GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS?
Until they say No Women Preachers in the Pulpit right?
The fact that I am a Hip Hop artist does not make me a different kind of Christian. But the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of Hip Hop Artist.

I choose to believe that ‘All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for all good works.’ (2 Timothy 3:16)
Clearly God intends for His Word to DO something in our lives. It has the power to teach and change us and it has the ability to be active within us,because it is a LIVING Word.

How have we as Hip Hop Artist, reflected that change to our families, churches or to others?
Hip Hop versus Rap. There is a difference. Rap is a style much like jazz is a style of music. Hip Hop is a culture and some would even say a new religion. Hip Hop has a demonic spirit behind it, again which is differednt from the rap style. You can use the word in rap to share a message about the Lord and what He has done in your life. We must truly begin to study and be wise. God uses many things to draw people to himself. Jesus in His wisdom knew that when He went into different towns and performed miracles that He would draw hundreds and perhaps thousands to Him. When they came...He shared the word of truth. If rap is drawing young people to church( who would not have come to church then we must be wise to use it to begin to teach them. If we allow the fear of change to hinder us, thyen we have allowed the devil to stop the will of God. We must have balance in the church. By not allowing "Rap style" in the church which is different from "Hip Hop" is like saying, well, there should be no country music gospel songs because I don't like it. My question is, How much of the denial of the "Rap Style" in the church is based in fear and personal dislike of that style. What if Kirk Franklin had listened to the naysayers. many young people might have never come to the Lord and become mighty people of God. Is there anywhere in the word that says that God only uses one style or tradition to draw people? If many people had their way in the church we would still be singing only 1950 hymns. The church would be empty. If you have a strong teaching church which has a foundation built on the 5 fold calling, then, I believe that God will lead on how to minister to young and old people however they were drawn to the church. These are my thoughts.
Mr lahry Sibley thanks for the advice by the grace of God i have repented and turned completely to God this call for discussion and not judgement God bless you sir whether rap or slow rythm or regae as long as it is to the glory of God i give in by the grace of God i have the spirit of discernement.God bless you.
"God will take what the enemy meant for bad and make it good."

The Word of God has NOT changed......
The cross has not changed.......
Jesus Christ IS the same yesterday, today & forevermore.....
There are STILL different operations & administrations of GOD being manifest all by the same Holy Spirit.......

Is Country music sinful or a religion? How about Jazz? What about Classical? NO Music is NOT sinful in nature. GOD created music. Man perverts the music as it comes from the intentions of their heart. Until you see & understand the fact that it is not what a person sings, wears or looks that defiles a man..... but rather what is in the heart. Just because you do not like the sound and dress of Hip Hop should not preclude you from reaching out to them. Souls are at stake!

The fight that we all share is with the enemy, Lucifer / satan / the devil. We are fighting his plan to utilize rap music to bring out animalistic tendencies in the youth of the world which cause them not to care about anyone or anything other than themselves. It doesnt matter who they have to step on or step over. They use people to get where they want in life then move on. Today's christian rap artists use the music to first get the attention with the beat then catch the ear with the Word of God in the lyrics. They counter the words of the enemy with the Words of GOD and giving their personal testimony in the songs. They tell of the pits of hell that GOD used someone to meet them at the point of their need...... in jail, in a crack house, on a street corner, or after being shot.

Who are you reaching with your testimony? Are you showing forth the greatest commandment? Are you witnessing or reaching out to anyone?

When Jesus was on earth, he met the people at the point of their need right where they were. He spoke to them & dressed like them in the same fashion. HE was not dressed like, talking like or acting like the Pharisees & Saducees. HIS bait was to eat, drink, walk and talk with them plainly. What kind of bait are you using?

Whether you like it or not, the music they played and sang in biblical times is NOT what is played today. In fact, I can discern the fact that you were not listening to it or was it a drawing force to bring you to Christ. No, you were listening to what you liked at that time. You have your favorite sound, and whether you accept it or not, so does everyone else so be careful not to tell anyone that their choice of music is right or wrong. If you continue to show yourself as ritualistic & legalistic, you will limit your effectiveness to reach others via outreach ministry.

The message of the cross should NOT be compromised or watered down. We must be wise as a serpent & harmless as a dove in all we do, especially our outreach ministry efforts because the youth are NOT willingly walking into the church so we must go get them or meet them where they are. Once they receive salvation, the teaching begins. The teaching of how one should dress modestly, the teaching of other works of Christ and the apostles, etc.....

Bishop Dr. J. Tylor Thompson
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Truth be told if we asked God about the type of music he listened to, He would simply say the music that is taking my message to the lost. Not the music that makes the religious cry on Sunday mornings. Forget tradition for a moment, and embrace how God is moving. None of us here are behind the cursing and sexist lyrics of secular rap, we are all united in the bringing the gospel to the lost. Don't let the world seperate us. Let the Word of God unite us. Opinions will always vary in regards to faith traditions and music, but the question is not about genre, it is about content. Is the message of the cross of Jesus Christ being conveyed to the lost. There are even some gospel artists that are not conveying this message in every song they produce, they constantly have to give in to tradition to sale records. If you do some research, some of those hymns that you hold so dear have no theological signficance whatsoever. God doesn't care about genres. He simply wants the gospel to go forth. When you listen to music, that is what you should be looking for. Be careful to not simply do what pleases yourself, but be careful to do what is only pleasing to God. Even if it is against your man-driven and man-given tradition. If we all bought into tradition, then most of us on here would be disqualified to do ministry in some way. Be careful to do what is pleasing to God, not your tradition. It is not about letting HIP HOP in your church, it is about getting HIP HOP saved and delivered by the blood of Jesus. Once the blood of Jesus has covered something, it is then transfromed to something that God can use. Question the content my friends, even in so-called Christian music. Some of you need to let go of your religiousness and embrace a relationship with a pure, true and living God.
Good morning Saints, Minister Jenkins I too take issue with what is allowed and what isn't in the body today, there is a saying that goes " we have to be relevant" and in the name of relevance so much is being compromised that is why you can't tell the difference between siant and sinner no more. Before coming into the faith I used to love all kinds of music and I was a smoker and when I came to faith I left smoking just like that but getting rid of the music..............ssshooooo that was an issue for me . I say that to say this, music has a strong influence in a peoples lives. Hip hop in the church leads to dancing the way it is danced to secular hip hop then again we look like the world instead of the church. SHALOM.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Those who have hardened hearts because of tradition will not be able to receive from God. God is not bound by your traditions. He is not a fan of your stale church services that have the same people in them every Sunday, while you sing the same songs that your Grandma sang. God doesn't care whether you worship him with an organ (its use in the black church originated from blues music), an electric guitar (its use in the black church originated in R&B pop), drums (its use originated from African tradition), piano (its use in the black church originated from Country music), or anything else. God is only concerned about the hearts and souls of men. While many of you are spending so much time hating a genre of music. That time could be more adequately used sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. The Gospel and your testimony are always RELEVANT. Worship is not about music, it is about a lifestyle of love and sacrifice.

It is not right to compromise your relationship with God to be accepted by the world. That is down right sinful and I would question the validity of that relationship. On the same note, it is also wrong to compromise your relationship with God to give into tradition and religion. Jesus disliked the Pharisees more than the prostitutes and tax collectors. This was because of their obsession with religion and tradition.

If you so choose to pass judgement, judge righteously as the Bible states. Judge the hearts and souls of men, not the sound of music that will never make it into heaven anyhow. Live with your mind considering the eternity of all men, regardless of the music they listen to. Draw nearer to Jesus and he will lead you in the right direction. Whatever the Lord leads you to do, is the right thing. Let the Lord lead you on this,not tradition.

Research your church history. Church tradition has made a lot of mistakes in regards to the treatment of women, baptism, transubstantiation, transfiguration, communion, government, indulgences, purgitory, denominational divides and the one you are most familiar with, the crucifixion of an innocent carpenter, who happened to be the son of God. When you make a decision about anything, don't let traditon be the deciding factor. Let a true, pure and loving Christ be the deciding factor alone. Go and do whatever God says do for your life. Consult him for your answer.
I am standing on my position on "Hip Hop" in church respectfully.
Prayerfully, this is because you have consulted of the Lord. If that is so, I can respect that decision. God Bless you my brother.Tell somebody about Jesus.


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