Why are people sittin up in the church lost? Is it because they don't know it? Yes, someone has made people feel comfortable in their sins and therefore they sit right there. Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Pastors simply put, don't care about the souls of the people. But guess what! this is what happens when people have itching ears. They will draw to themselves false prophets willing to give them whatever their itching ears want to hear. Because you have rejected the truth I will send you a STRONG DELUSION.

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I find this subject quite interesting. American churches seem to be full of these type of people. A continuance in sin after the initial confession of sins. People today seem to be comfortable in their sins while in the church because the church is no longer the place of correction. Today's church leadership has become very tolerant to misconduct in the church. Even though the bible speaks very clearly about christian conduct, misconduct is always excused by man.
Sadly, I see many people on here that defend lukewarm pastors and such with no regards to the souls that are damaged because of there misguidance. It sickens me the comments I get from people who feel we need to lighten up on folk when we are only preaching what the bible says. People are offended by the word whoremonger or fornicator as if we, the ministers of the gospel have made them up. There are many pastors causing the flock to miss the boat by not preaching the truth, but according to some we must still sit under their false leadership and just pray for them.

My childhood pastor ended up going to prison, where he died, for raping someone and molesting his own children and impregnating several women in our church. Now after what I've read today on BPN, many feel that we should stay in these situations and just pray for the Pastor. And I say this is nonsense, we should not sit under a leader that is living this way.
People are sitting in church unlearned because to the pastors it's about filling the pews.But the end result is what I call the traveling christian,those who jump from church to church,looking to be entertained.But the pastors will be held accountable,1COR 8:12BUT WHEN YE SIN,SO AGAINST THE BREATHEN,AND WOUND THIER WEAK CONSCIENCE,YE SIN AGAINST GOD!But we as true lovers of the word have to gently show them the err of thier way.The pastors with the good news message and prosperity is coming are just the false prophets spoke of in the bible,2TIM 3:4TRAITORS,HEADY HIGH MINDED,LOVERS OF PLEASURE MORE THAN LOVERS OF GOD.These activities in church will bring desolation,and that house will not stand,[Matt12:25]All the chaos will continue in thier life,and that church will fail,FOR THE TREE IS KNOWN BY HIS FRUIT[MATT25:33]
Amen brother QGAgnew,
It also reminds me of the scriptures that says Woe unto you pastors that scatter my sheep. Many pastors don't care what the people do and how they live as long as they keep the money comin. Sin is excused without repentance despite what the bible says. I know a young lady who lives in Detroit who says her pastor teaches that it is okay to live together unmarried (fornication) because Jesus blood covers all sin even future sin.

Yes, Jesus blood does cover all sin (except blaspheming the Holyghost) but that is contingent on turning away from and repenting from sin. You have future sins all planned out and say that it's covered because of the blood of Jesus. That Pastor has created a heart problem in the people. Their understanding is that I can shackup and Go Up (to heaven) all at the same time.
Set up the Torah!
James, if they set up the Torah, guess what? some would still be lost! but ones have to stop marveling over that.

Does not the word say that in the last days many would depart the faith? annnnnnnnnd then you have the "once saved always saved" doctrine out there ooooooooooooooooooooooh
Minister Busby, on this we agree, I will only follow a man or any authoritive figure as they follow Christ. That is a ridiculous statement.

and a saint following that is astonishing, it's Jonestownish, quite frankly


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