Dear Friends,

After a few months of silence, I am slowly getting back, and I thank God for seeing us through this past financial hardship.

I am writing to every American Believer who claims to be Born Again, and I would like to ask you a very serious question, to which I trust you would respond truthfully and with freedom, since there's nothing I can do to damage you.

I was in the States just a few weeks before President Obama was elected, and I was a guest at the house of a Bishop who had invited me to speak at his church.

Since the election was just a couple of weeks away, and since he is an African-American, I asked him if he had any turmoil withing himself, regarding the Agenda of Obama and the temptation to make hystory, by electing the first African-American President. ...Without any delay, he said that they were all voting for Obama, and then ask God to help us live through his eventual damages.

You can imagine my disappointment in hearing that from a Bishop, and I wandered what else was he teaching to His church.

Now, since we are almost to the same time, and after hearing that many African-American believers repented of voting for him the first time, I wanted to see if any of you are feeling the same way. Actually, I wanted to ask each one of you, if you voted for him the first time and if you are going to do the same this time.

I know that this is a very sensitive question, but as I said, many believers say that they would allow the Holy Spirit to lead them in thir actions, but many times we see that they actions hardly reflect the Word of God!

If you do not want to respond, I can understand, and I am afraid that someone may even reproach me for even asking such a question, but we are in the last days and I wanted to see what is the understanding of many believers today.

Blessings in Christ,

Apostle Abel Aureli

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Dear Apostle:

I pray you will find no reproach here.  I can only speak for myself, but many here have already voiced their abject sorrow over our first, and probably only, AA president's utter spiritual demise for several weeks.  Most never truly understood what Obama meant about wanting to "fundamentally change America."   Many of us are in deep dismay at his departure from God and you would see this clearly if you read some of the other similar posts. 

I, for one, cannot betray our Lord by casting a vote for one who so openly disdains so much scripture, as the word of the true and living God.  I and several members of my family are giving rides to those who will go to the polls to vote against him. I have read and learned so much stomach churning, God forsaken details of the homosexual communities' vile designs to completely negate God's influence. 'Marriage Equality' should not require a detour into kindergarten classes; here they are even now beginning indoctrination procedures to 'train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it'.  And all with Pres Obama's knowledge.

No, Apostle, I will not be counted amongst the ones who will put Obama's race, traditional democratic party affiliation history, nor fear of loss of government subsidies which some i know and love depend on, come before God.

I was first very troubled by the way he treated the Catholics regarding the healthcare mandates; so little respect for their concerns and objections.  The open promotion of Gay Pride month nationally, open gay pride parades pushed by our military on foreign soil, much to the disagreement and outrage of those foreign nations.' gov. officials.   Then how he totally disrespecting those 'old sojourner saints' in the CAAP, when they begged him for an audience over his May 12th pronouncement of 'ssm' support.  Then, the 'in your face' slap he dealt to the citizens of NC after they voted to defund PP by sending half million dollars in a federal grant to keep them 'afloat' as they went about the business of slaughtering black babies. This man says he is a Christian?

Who is this man and why is his goal in life seem to be to tear down every semblance of righteousness and accountability to God for a nation as blessed as we have been?   Only God knows.

As a family member of a couple of Iraq war veterans, I voted in 2008 almost entirely on the single issue of war-weariness. I asked who was committed to get us out of that wasteful conflict. Barak Obama promised our forces would be extracted in three years. John McCain said, as far as he was concerned, our troops could remain in Iraq "maybe 100" years. I voted for Mr. Obama hoping he would keep his word, and he did.

Apostle Aureli:

Yes, I and my wife voted for Obama in 08.  But it is impossible for us to vote for him again, knowing what we now know and having seen all we have seen. 

What is a more disturbing issue for me is how 'racial identity' politics and political party persuasion has become an equivalency factor on equal footing with SCRIPTURE.  I, too, know I was guilty of this and must stand corrected before God.   I am in such grief for the harm I've done to the kingdom of God.   I, like many other blacks, rebuked any and all naysayers of Candidate Obama as being racist and mean-spirited Republicans.  I automatically dismissed any negative comments of many of his un-Christian stances, refusing to even check out their legitimacy.  

I guess "I took him at his word" that he was a Christian and admonished others not to JUDGE him, in my most 'sanctimonious' voice.  I assumed he meant he was a 'bible-believing Christian' who would at least allow scripture to guide his MORAL COMPASS as he governed a constitutional republic. This was our party, our advocates and OUR (BLACK) PRESIDENT.  

We have not been paying attention to who has been buying/selling/trading our voting strength and 'slave-like' compliance with whatever the party told us was 'right'.   In a drunken stupor we haven't notice who climbed into bed with us at the top of the democratic hierarchy structure.   Now the day has broken and the light is on and we can clearly see we have been COMPROMISED.   Our party is the 'political voice' of backers and financial benefactors who are openly hostile to Christ.   Our advocates, the NAACP, URBAN LEAGUE, NAN/Rev. Sharpton, PUSH/Rev. Jackson, some certain austere black denominations, are now telling us homosexuality is the new civil right and our Christian word is bigoted, hateful and homophobic.   God's Word is evil and irrelevant now?   Our president is on puppet strings controlled by the money of the gay lobby and has been paraded out embarrassingly on nationally t.v. to spend political capital on 'fits of rage' over lost votes. 

We are the servants of the Living Word, and his Spirit, who was in the beginning; and the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob who delivered us from slavery as well.  But we are now bowing to benefit the idol MOLECH (baby killers/abortion industry) and to BAAL of the Canaanites, (homosexuality) and its worship of pleasure as 'sexual civil rights.'    What is happening to us?   Will God ever heal us of the blinding, still raw wounds of RACISM AND OUR SLAVE PAST so we can see spiritual truth clearly, feel whole again emotionally/psychologically, THINK for OURSELVES FOR A CHANGE,  and be unafraid to say BEFORE those who now, also have a different set of CHAINS ON US:

Joshua 24

Now therefore fear the LORD, and serve him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye the LORD.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

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