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I listened to some of what he taught. I really believe we need to do some serious praying for this man and all who the devil is trying to deceive. Looking around at all the catastrophes which are happening in this world, God didn't do it but He allowed it to shake mankind's attention to look to Him for redemption of their souls.

Through all that we see, wars and rumors of wars, sickness & diseases, hunger, this is not hell by far.

Hell has no let up from the torture, the stench, no air. You will not see any sunlight or smell any flowers or see any rain. It's Constance torment eternally.

So I can understand why the congregation left. But God's word is true. And those who scatter the sheep, God's word said He will whip them with many strips.

We have to have compassion on those who fall by the wayside.

Have mercy Lord! Have mercy.

I feel that now what is  the kingdom that we are suppose to be seeking here on earth

There is no Kingdom here on earth for now.  But there will be a new heaven and earth created after the the 7 years of tribulation.  Right now, we're supposed to be seeking to be transformed daily into the likeness of Christ.  This world is not our home.  But we're going to a better place. 

This guy reminds me of the Pastor, who toured with Billy Graham, Charles Templeton, who lost his faith from looking at the situations around him.  That spirit is still lingering in the atmosphere.

Personally, I don't agree with the overall teaching but I do agree with what he is trying to do.
The church has now become nothing more than a country club but what the church has forgot is that for EVERYONE there is room at the cross- and on THAT point alone I agree with Bishop Pearson.


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