Salvation is it eternal regardless of the circumstances or not come on lets get everyone’s opinion

But what is your take on what would have happened if the prodigal son or anyone who had received salvation backslides by rejecting the Father, His Son, the Holy Ghost and totally turned away from the faith and DIED without having repented or had the opportunity to return to the fold. Would that person be heading for hell or heaven? This is a conversation that came up with a couple of my work colleague when we were in an after discussion on Luke 15:11-32 so I would be interested in having a discussion and receiving everyone's point of view.

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I wanted to add something in addition to what was stated and I think it should be, which is Ananias & Sapphira are an example for us. I mean was the Holy Spirit present or was the Holy Spirit present through a person?


One of the reasons the enemy likes to cause confusion is so that we argue and tell each other off, but at least holds something against the other, not understanding it is Holy Spirit the breathes life even into our enemies, but which why we are to love our enemies.


I was very impressed with Michael the angel while he was being tormented by Satan. Michael had the power of God to seriously blast Satan, but Michael did nothing and said nothing. The reason is, is because even Satan was created by the Holy Spirit and Micheal either loved or respected the Holy Spirit not to blast Satan. This really should be a example in how we treat one another. We like to think we are yaking to an individual, but really were are talking to God through the person. 


Do you realize the power God has given us even to end Wars with the power of our words we speak? Today people us words with little respect and even try to put a spin on them as to lead to confusion.


I beg God for His mercy on all of us.

Wow it seems as though we have alot of professors claiming to profess..... lol,,, thankyou all for educatory lessons,, i just asked a  ? to see the answer.. thank you brothers and sisters...but please it must be noted that everyone who says they are saved are not.. our Father did not send his son to redeem us so that we can do any and all things,, die and then enter into the Kingdom!!!!!  so if salvation as you believe is eternal,, why is there a Hell... You do know that thoughh shall commit no murder,, yet Christians kill everyday. you have heard it said that though shalt not steal,,yet Christians steal from christians everyday... now we all  have know that the enemy comes too steal kill and destroy... 


Part of the discussion that the sister opened said "without REPENTING", so with all of the answers having been given.. do you believe that we since being saved, we can go to heaven without repenting???? 

yes rev. watson, repentance  i believe is just as important as any other aspect of salvation,, seeing that just as Grace, Repentance which does come along with forgiveness, is continual,,, an every day occurence,, you know so-called leadership does not teach this, because it takes the dependance off of them and keeps us dependant on GOD...

Logically, you repent before salvation. Repentance means a change of mind ( pleroo in Greek). Remember your theological thought contradicts the promise Jesus gave, that those who the Father has given him, he will in no way loose. Christ did not imply that those believers will be perfect on earth, without commiting personal sin, even before their death. But because he is the one holding them, not they holding him, Christ. Again, do you know that SAVED is written in the perfect tense in Greek. This means it can never be improved, it means once and for all. Another example of perfect tense is Christ death on the cross. In a nutshell, salvation depends on the INTEGRITY of God.
Repentance comes after Salvation also..



Friend, i do not have all the answer. I am what i am by the grace of God. I know that what people call unpardonable sin is far from the truth. It is one of  those problem of lack of orientation to sound doctrine. ONLY one sin is unpardonable. Christ did not pay for it on the cross. Every other sins have been paid for by HIM. It is called called the doctrine of unlimited atonement. In addition, Humility does not mean self effacement, or physical disposition, but humility is a mental attitude of being teachable. That is, allowing the word of God to teach us, and not to hold on to views which may not hold doctrinally.
Thanks, but all i want to let you know is that TRUTH IS NOT RELATIVE BUT ABSOLUTE. When Christ taught he spoke with so much authority, unlike others who only speculated. In their teaching they say, it may be this or that, just not sure. But when Christ taught, he said, this is the point, this is the will of my Father, so much authority, no speculation. This is the greatest challenge to the body of Christ, superficiality.everywhere. Friend, it is wise that those who believe God has called them to ministry prepare adequately. Remember, it is peoples' souls that are at stake. May the Lord be with you.. Again, the issue is not what others called unpardonable sin. After all people may call it anything they feel, but did God according to Scripture call unpardonable sin. Furthermore, if i am self-righteous, then salvation , from day one to end depend on my "good works"On the contrary, salvation is the work of God alone on my life, that is why it is by His grace that i am saved. I can't add anything, for He did it perfectly. I only encourage you by the mercy of God to get sound doctrinal orientation, that help you better. For I love you IN CHRIST.
Oh thanks. All i am saying is that TRUTH runs parallel, it doesn't cross. Either of us is wrong or right. Nevertheless, we have the freedom to accept or reject the theological views of others. Thanks, and may the Lord help us. I love you in CHRIST.
Theological views are just that.. theories that is it, honestly all we or any other has learned through it is someones take on God.. you know that it is just alot of Books about another Book.. To know the truth one must be of the Truth, no man can teach you tthat/ it must be revealed.. That is SOVEREIGN/ That is Christ That is the Love of the Father/ to reveal himself to us..
That's wrong. Theology means Bible study, study of God. Without studying one cannot understand who God is. It is an academic knowledge of pertinent Bible topics, by means of the Holy Spirit, our divine teacher, who illuminates our minds so we can comprehend spiritual phenomenon..God has equipped some believers who are more matured so that they can teach others, this is scriptural. Although, some theology are nothing but human wisdom. But we cannot throw away the baby and the bath basin. False doctrine has come to stay until Christ return.
There are benefits in some of the Theological Colleges, but i don't think it is a criteria for evaluating one's insight on Hermeneutics. Point of correction, Theology means Bible study, the study of God. The moment one hears the gospel and accept Christ as his Savior, the person automatically is enrolled in theological education. Brother, i am looking for those who are interested in exchanging doctrinal information in our journey of faith. Thank you for the time spent with me. May the good Lord be with you.


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