Hello precious ones, i believe you are doing well by the saving power of Adonai.


i thank God so much for making it possible to come your way again.


well, the last time i came your way with the part 1 of SECRETS TO DEALING WITH ANTI-OPEN DOOR FORCES IN YOUR LIFE; i promised to bring you the part 2, and here we are. i will like you to open up your spirit and allow God to speak to you through this teaching
and be ready to engage in an aggressive prayers that will change your
life forever.


As i promised i will give you the 7 FOLD DESCRIPTION OF ANTI-OPEN DOOR FORCES.


I told you last time that anti-open door forces are forces that do not want us to experience open doors in our lives at all.


#1. they are forces that prevents one from experiencing genuine open doors irrespective of how close you are to God or how powerful you are.


#2. they are forces that destroys open doors possibilities for man.


there comes times in some people's lives that it looks that everything around is closed. he/she looks right,he/she sees everything is closed, he/she
looks  left and sees everything closed; he/she move forward and its like
everything is closed. it is like there is just no way for him or her.
it is not that you are not making efforts but these forces just make
sure that everything is locked.


#3. these forces frustrates all genuine efforts to open doors in your life.


$4. they neutralize all your seeming positive advances toward open doors.


#5. they bring unnecessary blockages into our path to success.


#6. they generally blocks both our sides and our backs to the right directions.


- they make you not to see what you ought to see in the spirit realm. you don't even know what you ought to do.


#7.  these forces stands between us and that needed doors.


- at times they put invisible rods, invisible roadblocks into the path of open doors that we are supposed to enter.


Beloved of God this is the time you have to wake up and start praying now.


Remember, if you are not yet saved you have to do so now before the prayers you will pray will be answered.


if you were saved and then you backslide or went back to the world and started doing again those things you have forsaken before, brother,
sister this is the day of salvation for you. just call upon the name of
the Lord and He will save you right now and then you begin to experience
open doors in your as you embark on aggressive prayers now.


Today, i am not led to give you any prayer points but i heard that you have to cry out loud and call upon the Lord. He promised that those of you who
are serious and very sincere with yourself, He will give you surprises.
so please, start praying now, don't wait for anybody to push you before
you do it.


God willing Next week i will come your way with   KEYS TO RECOGNIZING THEIR WAYS OF OPERATIONS  so that you can deal with them decisively.


Until then remain blessed and please tell others to be part of these teachings for their own good.



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