Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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Mr. Huggins writes:"~I just don't understand how you can say your a christian and go against what the word of God says?
It is simple for a Xian to go against the Torah of G-d because for the most part the Christian effort is replacement theology...and plagiarized. The whole concept of Self-nullification is missing. therefore Pride and arrogant attitudes prevail...IMHO that is all I see is Titles to those who have never ascended to the Master.
Those with a limited or superficial yet somewhat charismatic gifting get the pulpit jobs...and lead the children astray Simply because of a lack of maturity and deep immersion in the Scrolls of Adonai.
A pastor should Pastor a church for free because that Pastor should have a job to pay tithes.. Pastors are not exempt from paying tithes...
My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We make it possible for churches to operate without having to pay for their minister. We offer the Healing Cup year around Fundraising Program. For additional information how we can assist your church in providing funds for your minister go to Call 707 205-9690
Every pastor's journey is different...there are some who go to seminary school and as soon as they graduate get a paid job...there are some pastors who have a very hard life either because they ran from their calling to preach or weren't saved in their youth but became saved and preach in the streets before founding a church and preaching the rest of their days and never getting a dime.There are a million testimonies in the world about pastors getting paid to be a servant/shepherd of God to God's lambs and well as a million more who do not get paid to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ...Men and Women of God who are called to preach are merely messengers of God....prophets of the house giving the saved and unsaved a message from the LORD weekly...God takes care of his sons and daughters...each and every testimony in the Word of God clearly gives example after example...That God supplies all our needs according to his riches in glory through Christ "called" men and women of God who are assigned to preach at a church will be paid by God whether it is through the church or other means...I'm speaking of those who are "called" and hear God clearly, obedient to his will, and seeking God's face and has a "relationship" with God..Abba Father...that pastor will know what God's will is for him on getting financially blessed...Jesus was a pastor/prophet to the disciples and prepared them to become apostles....did Jesus get paid in a church...Jesus followed the "will" of God and all of his needs were met and the 12 disciples and the few women that went with them too. Nobody had a side hustle or a day job...they walked in God's will and God provided for all their needs...It's not about a pastor "should" or "deserve" to be paid...we are mere "dirt on legs"...who are we to say a pastor "deserves" to be paid....sons and daughters of the King of Kings are heirs to royalty....royalty doesn't work....they are blessed by the "King" and well taken care of because of the "Blood of the Lamb" and we are blessed because we are descendants of Abraham...we trust...we believe...we praise...we worship....we talk with God...we listen....we pray...we love...GOD...Would I pastor for free....nothing is free...Jesus paid on the cross for me to preach the Gospel HE taught over 2000 years ago...since Jesus already paid for me to preach....YES....I'll pastor for free....and since I am his seed....I'll never beg for bread or be forsaken...because I am righteous...and love God...and love God's children...I pray to be a vessel for be used by God...I ran for years....and after 6 years of reading his word...studying and being in the trenches to learn men, women and children ministries...I say...Yes...God send me...even for free....because...I know you got me...and my family...and your son...Jesus...paid it all for me to preach...for that many lost souls can be set FREE...I'm still waiting for my assignment to preach at a church...I'll go....I'll do it ...for FREE...Blessings~Reine Diva
Mrs Elise writes:"a-lot...
Maturity is a must in this time of Awakening'~~Sages and Rabbis Lay there lives down for the protection of Israel and that is TORAH INSTRUCTIONS plain and simple. FYI

Above are ~Just some starter places for those wanting to come out of 'The Imperial Church of Rome's' Misconstructed dogma and embrace the real Halachah of Israel inclusive of all the days understandings.
The Torah, Prophets and writings and qabbalah(= received traditions / tree of life teachings) Tanya ( psychology of the Soul/heart) that Yeshua taught from.
Simply Yeshua was a product of his generation with all the trappings and persecution from Rome.

Trust me in that the teaching is like night and day and the revered KJV has some serious discrepancies which are the reason of the leading astray.

Simply if people want to know the Set in Stone rulings regarding Tithe or anything all they have to do is STUDY and OBEY the sages as Yeshua taught them to do...But Sadly they refuse to go back to there heritage and walk the walk.

This is a MUST listen to audio lecture from someone who found a greater teacher than the money grubbers....

May HaShem bless your study~ May the ShekinahLife guide your way to higher learning...It is time to uproot that which is not of Him.
jews aint hebrew fools---
we begot truth--
not garding or the garden of the light...
Samite not semites..
the circle moves on..
Apostle, you could'nt have say it any better. Jesus never charged for preaching the word. I think we as black people have the wrong concept about preaching the Living Word of God. Let Jesus be our exsample and not what man do.
Actually according to Jewish lore and the Sages of Israel...Moshie tops any other man on this planet to Serve HaShem and lead the people Israel~~As he always looked to.. YHVH and to show the way to a Torah correct lifestyle...never for what he himself could garner....but for the People Israel...Did he not say to YHVH 'Blot me out of your book~~~..if you destroy the people then destroy me too...Because Moshie-Of honorable memory,.. knew the ultimate concept...That we of the tribe Israel are all one in the Divine plan.

Perhaps we all need a refresher course in the Hebrew Bible,... Let us start today in Gen 1:v1 shall we...for those a little more advsnced we shall start at the Adam Kadmo'... the blue-print of YHVH for all humanity..

...o ye of weak skill---deus...
is us not jeus---
and jews who slay hebrews---
have never such magic as we cook...
deus is no jeus...
council of 8

i can say in 8 words what it take u 80 2 say---
Kl council writes:"~ i can say in 8 words what it take u 80 2 say
Arrogant Ignorance always works in like manner,... they who have nothing to give, is simply because there is nothing on tap... Arrogant Ignorance is explained as:"the person doing the attacking lacks the information or the ability to employ that information to correctly state their point. Or, they have no point...which seems to be the case here...
~As it states on ShekinahLife..."We are serious about those who wish to truly serve the Master creator in Spiritual/Physical Health & Biblical Growth~~~Serious students Listen,... write notes,... and study~~~ Take this to heart~~Anti-Rabbinism, Polygamy proponents and anti-Scholasticism will not be tolerated"
Fools do otherwise...enjoy your journey.
do like jesus did period---
y is this even a question if u have a flock or folk then u should follow the example of jesus---
all the way to the point of dying for the least of your folk or flock--
a pastor should pay his flock for listening to all that nonsense every Sunday...
there should be a 50 percent offering pay out every sunday to a different family etc.
jesus took nothing and gave all interesting cept.
we believe as pastorsandbishop of visionbuilders that it is an good thing to not be on the payrole of an church and then you have to really develop fraith trust humility with christ and really trust GOD FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVETO HAVEEXTREMLY STROG KEENNESS IN WISDOM KNOWLEDGE AND DISCEARNMENT TO KNOW WITHOUT AN SHADOW OF AN DOUGHT THAT god is faithful to supply all your riches in glory which he is cause i have witnessed and seen


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