Make the following declaration: My problems are in trouble, because God shall trouble them, in the name of Jesus.” There are situations where you find people who have a lot of money but no peace. In some families some brothers threaten to kill another. In many situations, many people run in circles because forces of retrogression have set in. If you do your best and nobody appreciates you, it means that your heaven is becoming brass and you need to pray today.

Another way to trouble your trouble is to get rid of sin from your life. In anything you are doing, you must remember that God is the Lord of harvest. You cannot live in sin and expect prosperity. You cannot cheat people and prosper. An adulterous man who does not repent would one day impregnate a woman outside marriage and that child of adultery would move into the family and dismantle the structures he has put up. So, anybody who is living in sin is sowing evil and as he sows evil, he would reap evil. So, sin is terrible.

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