So, many people are in an uproar about the 2% tax increase, but they don't seem to care about the 4 months they're working for free to pay into the government. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are very important, if we are to ever break free from a chained mind that keeps us behind. I was introduced to a buzz call that was equipped with wisdom and knowledge about an inside job, but gave an outside understanding. How can I claim to be a child of God, if I keep this knowledge for myself? I can remember my dad telling me his experience in World War Two. As a black man he was not allowed to have a gun in the war zone area. As a child I could not understand, why our government would draft their enemy to fight their enemy. Many black men lost their lives fighting with their bare hands for the freedom of someone else. I can remember listening to this beauty queen tell her story of working in the cotton fields while her sister and brother went to school and college. My mother worked hard all her life to help her family. There were many more stories that were building a fire in me. I can remember as a child dreaming that I was Harriet Tubman, running through the woods helping to free a people who were enslaved. I am 45 now and I am awake with a dream of freeing people. There is a war going on, but this time I have a weapon in my hand, a knowledge that comes along with wisdom and understanding. The power and knowledge is in my hands and I am reaching out to you, take it. Together we have the power to take to the air and bring the rain. Buzz 951-262-2562 then email me.

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