Most people are intimidated with true knowledge, and those would are truly prepared in the Scriptures.  They don't care if they are right or wrong about their intrepretation of scriptures as long as they can personly benefit.  They will use titles before their names even if the misused the Words.  THEY DON'T CARE WHAT GOD FEELINGS ARE ABOUT HOW THEY PRESENT THEMSELVES, AND GET MAD WITH THOSE WHO TELL THEM RIGHT FROM WRONG.  THEY CONTINUE TO COMMIT FRAUD WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST!


They rely on study helps and don't know what is right or wrong with them. So they just repeat what they read; if its right or wrong.  For example, A dear brother where presenting himself as someone who could give advice about the Hebrew study aids even went as far to use a few Hebrew words; so I said something in Hebrew to him and not only didn't he respond, but cease to communicate with me.  Well he was exposed as a Fraud!   What shame it brings upon the Precious Gospel. We should be real and use what God gives us and He will bless it and receive Glory unto Himself.  But never mislead people giving the impression that we have a knowledge of something when we have never applied ourselves to actually learn it the right way.  THIS IS THE GREATEST FRAUD COMMITED WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST!



May God Bless You

Dr. Joshua

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