The word of God tells us that the Holy Spirit will not dwell in an unclean temple. So if illicit sex, sexual sins of any kind including adultery, fornication. pornography, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, uncleane spirits and any other spirits or influences that have you in bondage has residence in your life, the Holy Spirit isn't there as you say and think He is, be...cause He doesn't live with room mates. Holiness is the standard that God has set for His people and He doesn't lower it for any body for any reason. He has given us the Holy Spirit, His word and His grace for us to have victory over all the lusts of the flesh, all sin, the devil, temptations and any thing that will cause us to walk and live in sin and disobedience. The Holy Spirit has no room mates!!!


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There are many other religions that need to understand this that Jesus don't need no help, that he is enough all by himself.  I have discussions with many that decree that others had to come to complete what Jesus did for us.  I ask them what bible are they reading because it is not in the one that I read.

While this is true, remember that every great man of God had their areas of troubles and so do you and I. Even the great Apostle Paul asked God to remove somethng from him and God told him that his grace is sufficient.  The Holy Spirit is what makes us complete in him and even when something else tries to intervain, which other things will, it is the presence of the Holy Ghost that alwasy cause us to win.  I am saved and I know i am saved and there are yet things that i have to work on in a daily basis.  The Holy Spirit in me is what keeps me clean and able to overcome all other spirits that would love to come in.


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