Jesus thought of prayer as a priority in His life. He deemed prayer more essential than His physical rest. In Scripture Jesus is often seen praying all night long [Luke 6:12.  Communing with the Father took priority over His social life. [Matt. 14:23; Mrk. 1:35; Luk 5:16; 6:12]. Also, Jesus made praer a priority over His physical appetite. He fasted for extended periods of time, abstaining from food in order to release spiritual power [Luke 4:2; Matt. 6:18, 25, 31; Heb. 7:25]. Prayer was the primary communication link between Himself and the Father. In every decision, Jesus consulted with Father God before making any decisions whether major or minor. Jesus shrouded His lfe with prayer. He prayer proofed His life. He did not pray because He had to; Jesus prayed because He desired to be obedient to, united with as well as empowered by our Heavenly Father. Prayer is to be our priority for those same reasons. It is said that seven days without prayer makes a believer weak. Prayer is the way that we as the branches, draw from Father God the Vine to produce the fruit of His Spirit in our lives. This is because prayer is ur primary ministry. From Halverson.

Q. Why is prayer our primary ministry and not preaching or teaching etc.?

If fasting with prayer releases spiritual power how often should we do it?

When should we consult God regarding major or minor decisions?

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