Is The Trinity Biblical?
From the Christian Research Institute
The Trinity is a basic doctrine of orthodox Christianity. Yet the word "Trinity" is not found anywhere in the Bible. Is the doctrine of the Trinity really biblical?
The doctrine of the Trinity says that there is one All Mighty One (God) who exists eternally as three distinct persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I can assure you that the elements of this doctrine are all taken directly from the Bible.
The first plank of the Trinitarian platform is that there is only one All Mighty One (God). The Bible could not be more explicit on this point, which it states explicitly about two dozen times. In Isaiah 44:8 Yahweh (The LORD) says that even He does not know of any other (mighty ones)gods!
Yahshua (Jesus) often spoke of the All Mighty One (God) as His Father, and the apostles frequently spoke of "the Almighty One (God) the Father." But the New Testament also insists that Yahshua (Jesus) is The Almighty One (God). For example, Thomas acknowledged Yahshua (Jesus) as, "My Lord(master) and my Almighty One (God)" (John 20:28), and both Peter and Paul spoke of Yahshua (Jesus) as "our All Mighty One (God) and Savior" (2 Pet. 1:1; Tit. 2:13). Yet the New Testament also makes the distinction between the Father and the Son as two very different persons. In fact they tell us that they love one another, speak to each other, and seek to glorify each other (e.g., John 17: 1-26).
The Old Testament refers often to the Holy Spirit as The Almighty One (God) at work in the world, without distinction from the Father. But Yahshua (Jesus) in John 14 to 16 explained that this Holy Spirit would be sent by the Father at the Messiah’s (Christ's) request. The Holy Spirit would teach and guide the disciples, not speaking on His own initiative, but speaking on the Messiah’s 9Christ's) behalf and glorifying The messiah (Christ). Thus, the Holy Spirit is revealed by The Messiah (Christ) to be a third person distinct from the Father and distinct from the Son.
In short, the doctrine of the Trinity is completely and totally biblical, and it is essential that all the Followers of the Messiah Yahshua (Christians) give assent to this doctrine.

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Trinity is a heretic word to use for a God that says he is ONE. The bible does not show that God is 3. God is one, and the word of God(Jesus), and the Holy Spirit came forth from God. Ancient Jews never saw their God as 3. The early church, which was a mixture of Jews and Gentiles, never saw God as 3.

God is ONE, and he sends his word, and spirit out into the world to operate in it. God is not the holy spirit, and he is not Jesus. Those 2 CAME FROM the Father. The trinity doctrine came later on into the church.

Amen brother

Hey, whats up brother Jacel, I'd like to address your post:

When Jesus said," When you see me, you have seen the Father", he actually did not mean that He himself was God "turned" into flesh, but he was God "manifested" in the flesh(1 Tim 3:16). There is a difference between the two words. To turn means to go from one form, to the other form. To manifest means to be revealed. In other words, what Jesus meant was that the apostles were seeing the exact nature, wisdom, words of God in flesh(Hebrews 1). It is true that God has the power to "turn" into flesh, but scripturally, he did not turn into flesh. His very words became flesh.
Ok James So you are saying The Father did not become Flesh A.k.a Jesus Christ?You said:To turn means to go from one form, to the other form. So God cannot form as a man?That doesn't change him from being a spirit! The Spirit of God just took on a bodily Form! He formed as the Burning bush for Moses. Why couldn't He form Himself as a man?
Come on bro, you are beating down on me like I believe in the trinity. I want to comment on Duet 6, the Sh'ma. When Moses wrote the Sh'ma, he had several things in mind. The first thing was to refute the idea of many gods being in existence, and that Yahweh is not polytheistic. In other words, when the Sh'ma is spoken, whats being conveyed is that there is no God but Yahweh, and that he is ONE, and not 3(trinitarian), or 4 gods, or even 3 in 1.

be blessed,
Unfortunately, this heretical "Jesus only" unbiblical doctrine is accepted without challenge in many so-called trinitarian circles. Even on the national level, when a TD Jakes or Noel Jones are accepted, promoted and quoted in conferences and pulpits. Pastor Derek, it is indeed a non-negotiable. Thanks for the post, this doctrine needs to be boldly proclaimed, especially amongst Black believers.
The interesting thing is that Jews never saw God as "trinitarian". Duet 6:4 says that God is ONE, and not 3 in 1. Trinitarian gods were notorious in the ancient near eastern world. Duet 6:4 was spoken to refute that notion, because Israel lived in an envioronment where the belief system was polytheism(many gods). Let us, as followers of Jesus,, proclaim the Jewish God as ONE.
James, there are many words used today that cannot be found verbatim in scripture yet one would be hard pressed to find any serious believer who would dispute the bible's stance on abortion, embezzlement or other things we may find in this world. What's relevant is whether the doctrine of the triune nature of God i.e. one God, three distinct persons is scriptural or not. You correctly referenced Deut 6:4 as God is most definitely one in essence. There's not conflict with Isa 44:6 and Gen 1:26, although I am aware of other views on Genesis. The New Testament is full of support for this doctrine in the gospels as well as the Pauline letters.
Having said that, I'm sure we can agree that this is a complex subject, delving into understanding the nature of God Almighty...I am in awe of His word and His majesty.
Hey whats up Chuck,

The fact is that Jews never believed in a triune God. Duet 6:4 refutes that very fact. In the cultura they were in, their neighbors were polythestic. Their gods were 3, 3 in 3, 3 in 1, and 3 separate ones---polytheistic. The sh'ma literally reminded them of the fact that their God was, and is ONE.

I do not think its "complex". Once you grab an understanding of the monotheistic God of Israel, then an understanding of who Jesus, and the holy spirit is will be clear.
The "Jews" also had a tough time believing that Jesus was the Messiah. So saying they did not believe in a triune God is not shocking.
Jews never believed in a triune God(Duet 6:4).
I understand that is what your saying, i'm saying that the jewish people even today dont believe that Jesus is the Messiah. They are still waiting on him to come and not realizing that He already came. Even though Isaiah tried to tell them:

Isaiah 7:14-Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.


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