Is The Trinity Biblical?
From the Christian Research Institute
The Trinity is a basic doctrine of orthodox Christianity. Yet the word "Trinity" is not found anywhere in the Bible. Is the doctrine of the Trinity really biblical?
The doctrine of the Trinity says that there is one All Mighty One (God) who exists eternally as three distinct persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I can assure you that the elements of this doctrine are all taken directly from the Bible.
The first plank of the Trinitarian platform is that there is only one All Mighty One (God). The Bible could not be more explicit on this point, which it states explicitly about two dozen times. In Isaiah 44:8 Yahweh (The LORD) says that even He does not know of any other (mighty ones)gods!
Yahshua (Jesus) often spoke of the All Mighty One (God) as His Father, and the apostles frequently spoke of "the Almighty One (God) the Father." But the New Testament also insists that Yahshua (Jesus) is The Almighty One (God). For example, Thomas acknowledged Yahshua (Jesus) as, "My Lord(master) and my Almighty One (God)" (John 20:28), and both Peter and Paul spoke of Yahshua (Jesus) as "our All Mighty One (God) and Savior" (2 Pet. 1:1; Tit. 2:13). Yet the New Testament also makes the distinction between the Father and the Son as two very different persons. In fact they tell us that they love one another, speak to each other, and seek to glorify each other (e.g., John 17: 1-26).
The Old Testament refers often to the Holy Spirit as The Almighty One (God) at work in the world, without distinction from the Father. But Yahshua (Jesus) in John 14 to 16 explained that this Holy Spirit would be sent by the Father at the Messiah’s (Christ's) request. The Holy Spirit would teach and guide the disciples, not speaking on His own initiative, but speaking on the Messiah’s 9Christ's) behalf and glorifying The messiah (Christ). Thus, the Holy Spirit is revealed by The Messiah (Christ) to be a third person distinct from the Father and distinct from the Son.
In short, the doctrine of the Trinity is completely and totally biblical, and it is essential that all the Followers of the Messiah Yahshua (Christians) give assent to this doctrine.

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Brother Isreal, you want me to read from this book and believe what it says and not believe in the Holy Bible that I TRULY believe in....LOL  Not a chance my brother.  I read for knowledge, to understand the things of this world to function herein, but for Wisdom and the promise of eternity with my Lord, I soley rely on Scripture from my Holy Bible, which is the KJV.  I just tend to stick with that version, no disrespect to the other versions though.  I am in this world, but not of it, so it is not my source of inspiration nor directive.


In Love Sister Denise

do you keep the law Sister? What is Sin? Did Jesus Die on Good Friday Evening and was raised Easter Sunday Morning? Answer those 3 questions, and I can reply to your post? please honestly answer if you would Sister Denise....

Bro. Isreal, I tried to reply to your questions, so I had to repost under this one, hope you don't mind.

"do you keep the law Sister? What is Sin? Did Jesus Die on Good Friday Evening and was raised Easter Sunday Morning? Answer those 3 questions, and I can reply to your post? please honestly answer if you would Sister Denise"


I keep all the laws that I know of and for those that I am not aware of yet, I ask God to lead and guide me to HIS truths and make me aware of any and all of my shortcomings.  Sin is all unrighteousness and according to my scriptures it  can be various things, such as a proud look, blasphemy, anything not of faith, backbitting etc., anything CONTRARY to the Word of God. And did Jesus die on Good Friday Evening?  I don't know, I DO KNOW THAT HE IS THE SON OF GOD, HE DIED AND HE ROSE.  The exact date and time, I do not know, I don't even know that information for myself, lest alone my savior.  I know that every day is my sabbath and I keep it HOLY, I know that Jesus is my sabbath, for He was Holy.  This is my honest answer to you and before God, I can give no other account.  Oh, and I do not celebrate Easter in the fashion aspect of it, but I do celebration the birth, death and ressurection of my Lord and Savior out of the debt of my heart, which is my belief and faith on the promises of God.  If Easter fell on tomorrow, I would celebrate because of the recognition of God and who HE IS, Christmas too.  It is not the commercial aspect nor the vehicle in which I believe.  I believe because I have been persuaded by the spirit of the Living God, the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, His Spirit, I have been persuaded.  I have encountered revelation from His Word, the Holy scriptures, my bible (KJV), which I prefer (just my preference).  I am persuaded, because HE HAS revealed His goodness to me in countless ways without a shadow of doubt it was ALL GOD.  This is my honest answer and I pray that God will open your mind and heart to except it, if not, I still pray.


In Love Sister Denise

Thank you for your honesty sis. If you want any answers to your questions just post.

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