The false teaching is that Jesus taught tithing in Matthew 23:23 which, they say, is clearly in the New Testament.
The problem here is the arbitrary division of our Bible. The New Covenant did not begin at the birth of Jesus, but at his death. Tithing is not taught to the church after Calvary! When Jesus discussed tithing in Matthew 23:23, he was only commanding obedience to the Old Covenant Law which he endorsed and supported until Calvary. In Matthew 23:2, 3 Jesus told his followers to obey the scribes and Pharisees "because they sit in Moses’ seat." There is not a single New Testament Bible text which teaches tithing after Calvary – period!

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I prefer to study on my own. But, I do have friends to discuss issues and teachings with.
Biblical Judaism

"Biblical Judaism" is the centuries covered by the narratives of the Tanakh, from the creation and primitive history of mankind to the last of the prophets in the 4th century BCE.

Yeah...hhhmm, I do not understand this Biblical Judaism....please enlighten me?.

Biblical Judaism is the study of the Torah & The Prophets. It also includes the study of the Gospels & Apostolic Writings. This is BIBLICAL
Okay, wow...why not just make your life simple and study the Bible?...for us its not about religion its about having a relationship with God.

That is what Biblical Judaism is about.. Studying & practing.

Hhhmm,what are you exactly?...and what do you believe?.

I am a practioner of biblical Judaism.

That would mean, you believe what? this some new thing?.
James, do you mean a practitioner

I believe in the Torah, and the practicing of it. I believe that Yahushua kept and taught Torah, and we should keep it.

Hhhmmm, I believe you mean Yeshua right...and what do you mean He kept the torah...are you Jewish?...Really, out of love I honestly believe that you need to take up the Bible(as we Christians call it), it is God inspired and written by Jews...I believe in One God who is three in one(God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) who desires to have a relationship with us His people...Jesus died to save us all and is coming back for us His Bride...What does the Torah say?.


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