Glory to God!!!! The person in the above story is going to be released from jail The courts made a mistake when they gave her wrong information regarding her conviction. Its seems that the laws for drug sell and related issues had been changed after 911(world trade center). They were holding her for perhaps up to 10 years or more based on laws that were inacted years after her drug background and history. Because the courts made a mistake, anytime that she could have gotten were counted as time served. She was in jail 6 months.

Sadly though, the pastor who intially sent her to the mission field tried to take credit for her release. (He had nothing to do with it at all) He began to tell his congregation that he was involved with her release then a member of his church who has inside,inside,inside information and involvement concerning this release stood up and corrected him in the middle of his prideful and dishonest claims. Thank you all for your prayers!


A pastor and his church sent one of their members to a third world nation to evangelize on behalf of the church. The member is a citizen of that thrid world nation but has lived in the USA for nearly 20 years. This person has been a very productive citizen, has been involved heavily and faithfully in the church and its growth. Prior to this member's christian experience and service, they had a background as a drug dealer. Remember, the person has turned their whole life around within perhaps a 10 year period. The person, during their trip to evangelize on behalf of the church was arrested for past crimes and is serving time in jail(okay). My concern is that the church/pastor who sent this person on the mission was asked to help pay for some of the legal expenses (Only$5,000.00 was asked for)... The church has above its operating expenses discretionary funds of nearly 1/2 million dollars. The church and the pastor said no to helping her with her legal fees and have not reached out to be a voice for this woman whom they have seen be productive, viable in the community and valuable in ministry to help her to become free. Additionally, this person has young children who depend primarily on them....

What are your thoughts on this? I am just curious. I have my own opinions but this bothers me...

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Sister Fugett, I had not thought of this either.
So may be the leaders sent her back so that she COULD do her time.
I mean from the facts she had committed criminal offenses that she had not paid for.

But then even at that - they could help with a lawyer to get her sentence reduced - maybe.
Maybe the church just wants to wash their hands of this and move on.

Father, God, i ask that You look in on this matter and keep our hearts pure. In the Mighty, Matchless, Magnificent Name of Jesus the Christ, Amen.
That's your church..They can always help the Pastor but oh no don't try to help the others...

It's a shame but expected
Then you send the $5000.00, while you are pointing a unknowledgeable finger. pleez......
Sister, I've already requested information on the story..If the pastor will email me the information I would gladly see if and HOW...I can help....You say that like your challenging me.....

What have you done other than talk about the legality of it?

AND what we are or are not privy to....This woman is a member of an organized religious organization who from what was told has done NOTHING to help their minister....Now maybe it's because it had to do with past crimes that she did not do the time for...IF that is the case to an extent i might be able to understand does not seem from the story that they even reached out....

Your comment carries no strength in that I pointed a finger at THE CHURCH to which this incident happened...most people are a part of the so-called CHURCH represented on this site so it would be YOUR or a part of your religious thinking from afar...LOL..

What part are YOU willing to do if i'm able to get information and it is in fact 5000 that they want...are you willing to GIVE towards it for a lawyer or whatever money is REALLY needed? Yes i pointed my finger and i've also petitioned for information to help if i can....what say you?

Pastor please send a reply to the email i will send you now...

Let me know what you find out!
I understand what you are saying Pastor, however the legality question stands, and how do we know the church has not tried to help
I hate to say this but the typical response that you get from church folk, when it comes to helping a brother or sister who is in need financially is always, protect the church, let the members fin for themselves. While I see a lot of supportive comments. I also see coldness and unconcern which is of the Devil. How could anyone defend the church in this situation when they are sitting on a half million dollars. This is absurd. The Church is so focused on saving reputations and hording money that it is turning on the very principals of scripture. If your brother or sister ask for your coat give them your cloak also.

But yet churches today don't seem to reflect the views of Christ any more and are more interested in saving it's reputation and money.
Be careful you might be accused of pointing an unknowledgeable finger...

Yes indeed LOL, let me know what you find out
Actually, I dont think the church knew alot about her past detail I mean,...but they still shoule help. I talked to one of the former leaders of the church. They are going to send the money to help. ...
Well if they arrested her for past crimes that would mean she did not go to court to account for her what would you as a pastor do? Would you go to the police or keep it hid?


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