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You missed it. Re-read that sentence again. Yeshuah said,"Father into thy hands I commend my spirit." Notice His mention of the word spirit. The Hebrew for spirit means "breath." It is the same breath that Yehwah breathed into Adam at the time of creation.

Yeshuah gave up "His breath." Yeshuah did not say He himself was going into the hands of Yehwah, but rather His breath of life. Rev, look at my formula's above. examine them if you have not.
Hey James, just curious. Where did you get this formula for life. I have never seen anywhere where the soul had to do anything with being a living creature, and all the studies that I have done about death were all related to separation or being without a source of power. I would like to see this information for myself. Thanks.

Read Genesis 2:7
ok, but what it seems that your implying is that the soul would be kinda the same thing as the body. Also from further studies I found out that it takes the 3 to live but only one returnes to God. So what are you saying. God says all souls are his, and no living creature can dwell in his presence and live, so how is it that the soul can return to God if it is yet a living creature. I agree with you as far as the body and spirit are concerned but i cant say that I do about the soul.

I believe you are misunderstanding. The soul is not the same as the body. The soul is the combination of Dust + Spirit. You have a living creature when you have that addition formula. Dust + Spirit = Soul. No where did I ever say that souls return to Yehwah. It does not take 3 to live. It only takes 2(Dust + Spirit).

That is why I said read Genesis 2:7, and also my former posts. The only thing that returns back to Yehwah at death is the breath of life(Spirit). Your body returns to the dust, and there is no living creature(soul), because the human is dead. All in all, all souls do belong to Yehwah, the living God.
cant say I agree. hold tight. got some scripture for you after work.
I'll just answer your question because if I get into all the other stuff that came from your question then it will be a long answer to your question and away from your question.

MJ's death was very sad indeed as anyone's death to me. I don't put someone that was an entertainer, athlete or actor on a pedestal and lament their demise anymore than anyone that wasn't in those categories. All I do is pray that, that person had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour before their demise, period. God bless.
I learned that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. So get your soul right while you have the chance.
That only what you do for christ will last.
What I know is, to my knowledge Mr. Jackson never publicly made a proclamtion of Jesus as his Lord and saviour. Scripture says this in Matthew 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father ehich is in heaven. Whether he is waiting judgement or has been judged the word of God is true. Judgement begins at the house of the Lord first so then how many of us may end up saying Lord Lord didn't I do this your name? That being said if Mr. Jackson never did anything to the proclamation of Jesus name, how much the worse will it be for those of us who have but operate in secret sin; or even for our own glory at the expense of our fellow man. Pastor E
Hi Evangelist, I learned alot from MJ's death. I learned that just as Scripture proclaims, 'we really are Kings and Priest' before the Most High (Rev. 1:6), Just look at the phenomenon of Michael. He literally was a real 'king.' His life affected people the world over. Would that we could so let our light shine that the world would be brought to Christ our Savior.

Michael's gift, his musical knowing was from the Almighty and Michael used it well. Would that we all would know that in like manner each of us believers are 'kings/queens and priests' of great value in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

No matter what we have gone through, or been told to the contrary our life-force is magnificent and to be respected for the Almighty gave it to us. In Christ, each of us are so powerful and able to affect the world on whatever level Christ has put us.

Michael ofcourse, was put on a worldwide high level to entertain the world with a song and dance genius un-parallelled in modern times. He was the greatest and so is each and every believer in our own way as we yield to Christ.

Listen and understand, every righteous person is a gift to humanity. Imperfect, fallible, falling, growing, getting back up to fight another day we remain righteous and a necessary force against evil. I would that believers would come to see our true worth.

Michael's life and death proves that 'we all are somebody who can do exploits.' He did exploits via his talent. Let us go forth and do likewise.

God bless Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace. He was a fallible but great King.
I agree Sister Johnson,
Michael was so blessed by God with such a beautiful gift of creativity and a wonderful voice and dance. He wrote more hits than he even sang - he was so talented he wrote songs for other people many dont even know about.

He did show the world his talent - but Michael did not use it to praise God though. It was lovely but it was wordly and far from God glorifying. But our wonderful God gives gifts without repentence. We can take those gifts and sing about things that are edifying or we can sing about sleeping with Billie Jean but that little baby aint yours.

And Michael was blessed to make so so so much money and he could have used the money that he used to thin out his nose and put the cleft in his chin to fixed the cleft palates in some little children in the projects or mud huts.

And is Michael any worse off than anyone else waiting for eternity that squandered their gifts and time?...I dont know because he could have repented of his sin and vice and secret wickedness.

Only the Lord knows.



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