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Song answers it from my POV
Was that song dropping F bombs?
The Fbomb is the title
My own opinion it's Unmoral..
Father God, in Yeshua's Name, I pray for the artist in this video, I know not her name but you do. I pray that her will be changed, and in that, she can look toward heaven and receive what her true destiny should be. Touch her mind, her heart, her very being, let her sing a new song unto you I pray, Amein
Its a pretty catchy song
If you are catchable
or a liberal tired of conservatism holding your country back
well do some push ups, because God's word will never pass away, it's an abomination and will be always
I thought we lived in a state with no official religion?
you must've thought it
bill of rights must just have been a dream I had LOL


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