Matthew 7: 1, 2 says Judge not, that ye be not judged..For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again..


My ? to the world is, Why do the church Judge? Its a question that should stir up the body of Christ, because I would think that the church judge only because it does not possess the love of God.. If the church, or person, or persons does not have the love of God in their hearts you would kinda expect them to be judgemental..Jesus warns us in this scripture to not judge..


One problem that we have in the church is that everyone want to put themselves in the position of being God, and pass judgement on people for many reasons, women wearing pants, make-up guys with ear rings, the way a person talks, are act..Come on now..The church needs to understand that its going to take the holy spirit to change a person, judging them want help any..


We need to pray for people and stop judging them..God told Samuel Man looks at the outward apperance but God looks at the heart..Therefore we need to be like God, dont look at man on his outward appearance, but ask God to help them..One scripture says that God dont see as man sees..


Its sad that we do have some churches and people who love to judge, I want you to know that its not right to pass judgement on people for any form are purpose...Jesus said that we are not to do this..


The same measure you judge, Jesus in other words says its coming back...So lets obey what Jesus said, pray for people rather than judge them, but if a person does not display the love of God, it would be hard for them not to judge..

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