On December 26, 2012 a man flew in to our ministry from London, England for an Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry Intensive. His name is Mr. Lynch, little did we know that during one of the Integrated Healing Prayer sessions that it would be uncovered and exposed that this man had familiar fragmented soul spirits, that had come into him and his family line by ancestral curses and demonic spirits that were hiding within his soul as a result of being a direct descendant of Willie Lynch this same slave owner.

Where were these evil spirits you might be thinking well, they were hiding behind what the Bible calls Hidden things of Darkness or Hidden Oppression, so once God had called them to judgment the "Holy Spirit" forced them to expose themselves. These spirits cause, distorted identity and purpose within a family line. They cause shame and hurt to family and others resulting in restricted growth. They cause an ongoing vulnerability to Fear, Distrust, Hatred of self, Envy, Control, Rebellion, Rejection, Anger, Rage, Poverty, Scheming, Manipulation, Hurt, Victimization, Isolation, Helplessness, Divorce, Unworthiness  and disappointment towards God.

When the Willie Lynch spirits manifested themselves through Mr.Lynch, we renounced them broke the curses and cast those spirits out destroying the curses. Many evil spirits, hiding behind Hidden Things of Darkness and Hidden Oppression came out that had been hindering tormenting and holding him back.

 Mr. Lynch returned home to London a new man even his skin color had changed,

In Christ Jesus name, Mr.Lynch went home without the spiritual bondage he came to the U.S.A. with.

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