Father, Thank You! You are better than good to us! We bless You for your faithfulness us! For your mercy and grace towards us Lord! We thank You for Your love! Thank you for calling us from darkness into Your marvelous light! Jesus, How we thank You for being our Savior! You are Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace! We give You glory tonight Dear Lord!!! Thank You for saving our souls, for rescuing us, delivering us! Thank You for destroying the works of the enemy!!! You reign victoriously O Lord!!! Forgive us for every sin we committed today in thoughts, words, and actions! Lord, we repent! We turn away from the sin which so easily entangles us! Watch over us today Lord! Father we speak peace to all anxiety, depression, neurosis, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, fibromyalgia, stress disorders, Heal Lord! Release divine healing over all heart disease! We come against strokes, hardening of the arteries,hypertension and chest pains! You were wounded for our transgressions, bruised for iniquities, the chastisement for our peace was lain upon You Jesus and by YOUR stripes, we are healed! Heal us O Lord! Heal our cardiovascular system, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, immune, reproductive, neurological and psychological system and every system I don't know by name! Father, You divinely designed the bodies! You know every intricate detail about us, Heal us Lord! Heal us from every arthritic disease! Chronic neck and back pain, fractures, herniated and slipped disks so that we may move freely to fulfill Your purpose! Let You healing virtue flow God! You are not bound by time nor space! FLOW TODAY! HEAL US GOD! MOVE BY YOUR SPIRIT INTO STATES, CITIES, ACROSS THIS NATION, INTO HOMES, NEIGHBORHOODS, HOSPITALS, NURSING HOMES, REHABILITATION CENTERS AND HEAL YOUR PEOPLE! RELEASE YOUR SIGNS, MIRACLES AND WONDERS! WE DECREE AND DECLARE A DIVINE REVERSAL FOR THOSE DEALING WITH CANCER AND OTHER DISEASES! WE DECLARE TESTIMONIES OF GOOD REPORTS IN THE NAME OF JESUS! ASTONISH DOCTORS! SILENCE DOUBTERS WITH YOUR POWER TO HEAL! FATHER LET THE LAME WALK AND THE BLIND SEE! GOD NOT ONLY DO WE BELIEVE YOU CAN WE KNOW YOU WILL! I THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD REPORT OF YOURSELF THAT SHALL COME FORTH IN THE LAND! FATHER I PRAISE YOU IN ADVANCE! FOR YOU ARE GREAT! YOU ARE OUR HEALER! NOTHING...NO THING...IS DIFFICULT FOR YOU! WE LAY AND APPLY YOUR WORD OVER EVERY SITUATION IN OUR LIVES! I THANK YOU FOR A QUICK TURNAROUND BY YOUR SPIRIT LORD! FATHER WE RELEASE THIS WORD ALOUD INTO THE ATMOSPHERE! AND WE DECLARE IT DONE NOW IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! IT IS SO!!! WE SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE AND DECLARE THE WORD OF THE LORD!!! GLORY!!! AMEN!!!

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By the grace of God, I'm HERE, HELPED, HEALED, HOPE-FILLED, and HEAVEN-BOUND. The road of life has its bumps and I get my bruises, but the beauty of the Lord is always mine. Satan seeks to make me fall, but by faith I stand, for the Lord is able to make me stand. I've shed enough tears to fill a sea but that's alright. The suffering of my present time cannot compare with the glory that shall be revealed in me through the Lord Jesus Christ. So I say unto you, dear Brother, dear Sister, hope in God and have faith in Him."



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