Its sooo funny to me. I pray all laugh with me and be not offened. My goodness I look at the topics of dicussions and not to many things minister about single christians. Some promoting others ministry and themselves lol. It is tuff being single in this hour. I really do try to live up to God standards. But we as single christians do need to share the real deal on issues and How to seek God for a mate and living celibate and holy before God. God bless you. Love you all

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Yes, we talk about everything else except Living Holy, Celebate, I believe there are so many in the Body of Christ who are not living the lifestyle, so that can't talk about. It is a crucial time in this hour, and we need to obey the Word regarding staying Holy while in our season of singleness, and we need to encourage and minister to one another in our hour of weakness. Also allow God to minister to us, and show us how to wait and be patient while God do the needed work in us, so that when we (woman)are found we will know when BOAZ is on the scene, and too our Brothers, stay encouraged also, continue to seek God and Watch out for your "RUTH" she's working in the field!! God Bless you all.......

Evangelist Tawana
that is soooooo true. lets us try to fix that
Amen Bro. Harrison, I agree the topics are off base and off course and it is difficult to monitor all messages sometime, but I have a good God given idea, help a sister out. Add some topics of discussions for singles to talk about, I can add you as an administrator and you can help keep things on the straight and narrow. It's always good to have a man around the and God Bless! I'm adding you as our featured Man of the hour!

Apostle LInda
Thanks Apostle you dont have to do that. Im happy to be apart of this ministry to encourage others and learn from others. I will post some things on here about singleness. bless you Apostle Linda
That is so true. But you have to remember, in this hour, the single person is looked upon as someone who should be pitied because we don't have anyone or are not married. This is a false pretense that even we, as singles, are starting to accept. As has been said, so many of us are not living this truth, so we can't talk about it and encourage each other.

In my experience, I am finding that many single, christian, godly men and women, who have ministries, homes, cars and the like, are still holding on to the premise that "i have worked hard for all this, i have to be careful who i share all this with". And that is ok, but how do you get to know someone if that is you highest thought?

I look forward to the day when we, as single christians, can walk in the true light of God!

Thank you for sharing this discussion with us!
God bless.
Yes there is some things we as christians just dont talk about. But this is a very good topic and I believe if we seek God honestly He can tend to every void in our life whether physical and spiritual. This topic is so tender you wont believe how many christians are dealin with this and findin it hard to cope with....
Absolutely! Having been celibate for almost 2 years, i am finding that men do not want to date if there is no sex. This is not surprising, even among saved, christian men. I believe God gave me my ministry to be a beacon of light where there is darkness.
Amen to that !!!!!!!!!
Amen Bro Harrison! HOLINESS without which no man shall see God! I believe that 1st on the agenda is to be true to yourself! Realize if there are issues then as God for deliverence. After that be FILLED/Re-FILLED with the Holy Spirit!. Stay in THE WORD! And create an atmospher condusive for keeping your mind on that which is pure, of good report etc. And Last surround yourself with others that WILL HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE!

In this world were sex sells WE NEED EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE.
First of all giving all of the Glory to God I too am a celibate,saved,young woman striving to please my father in all aspects of my life as a mother,woman of God and sister in christ.I have found that there are certain standards that I have to utilize to maintain my purity before God and man.There are those times when the flesh wants to rule but constant prayer,praise,and the word helps keep me focused. I once thought this would be almost impossible but God is a keeper.
One of the top teachings that is lacking for Singles is how to ENJOY being single until your mate comes. Marriage is honorable above all but for some singles marriage has become an idol that the worship daily. By worship I mean that they meditate on it day and night.

"I need my Boaz"
"I need my Ruth"

And so, marriage, instead of being the visible example of Christ's relationship to the church, becomes a "fix for loneliness or sexual satisfaction".

Again, nothing wrong with not wanting to be lonely. Nothing wrong with wanting to have sex in the context of marriage.

It becomes wrong when it is FIXATED upon to the point that it has become an idol in your life. You believe you will never be happy if you are not married and that just is not so.

The questions singles should ask themselves is this...

"If I NEVER get married in my lifetime, will I be content with being single?"

So, my suggestion to singles is this... Philippians 4:11 - LEARN, teach yourself... set your mind to do this... how to be content in whatever state you are in.
I agree and may God bless you


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