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Let the Horn of Salvation Sound

Let the horn of salvation sound! for the Lord's arm is not short nor is His hand, to stretch, descending down in pulling out our unsaved loves! If He can pull out a lesbian out of the belly of Sodom and Gomorrah doing lesbian raps and haten, loathing the very sight of men surely He deliver anyone! I know what my God is capable of ! Do you?

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I Sound the ALARM!!!

I sound the alarm; a call unto the wild! For we are sent as sheep amid the wolves,let the Angel of the Lord go before us, with our character impeccably strengthen with wisdom and humbleness in the sight of Jesus Christ from, which our calling came! In Jesus name!

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Fat cell that Acts as demons

Interestingly as it is, fat cells lay dormant waiting for you to give up to raise up seven times more increasing your weight gain even greater than when you started! Sounds familiar? Is your temple swept and garnished?

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Cleansing Time

I shut down eliminating all demonic pathways and subservient devices (lines) unto my page, and its means of lane of travel, I cancel it, aborting it means of communication, and I sever its sublime, and I impute subversive measure implementing divine communication, I plead the blood of Jesus over every port and network lines in Jesus name!

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I know Where my Help Cometh

I know where my help cometh! It come not by man, nor by woman nor of anything of this world! For the Lord hear the cry of the righteous and answers!

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Wash your hands of it!

Let Go and let God He knows best and how to handle it! For He is all Knowing (Omni-Science), for He is all Powerful (Omni-Potent), He is everywhere (Omi-Presence) and He is Unchanging (Immutable); wash your hands of it, Need I say more?

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Are you blessing me?

For those who want to talk about me, gossip about about me, li on me, hate on me, back bite on me, back stab me: let me remind you who dwells within in me, He is greater than the spirit of the world that caused you to raise up and speak such things! So allow me to ask you who are you really directing those words too? For Jesus tells me this " Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake ( Matthew 5:11). So…


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beware of the past

Have you ever run into people that where in your past and they are still living as though their still in the past like nothing has ever changed? They seem to be stuck in a time warp? And he or she wants to pull you back to revisited it. LEAVE IT THERE see the snare and traps of the devil to invite you to places you wouldn't generally travel or think of visiting (spiritually or physically) because it is illegal! The devil's plot is to invite you and get you to receive the invite, then you are…


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Balance Spiritually and Physically

I workout and it causes me to lose unwanted body fat and with the proper diet and exercise I gain muscle, to sustain that muscle growth I feed on much protein. Muscles are heavier in weight; thereby I become heavy in muscle, increasing my volume in weight! I also exercise by praying fervently unto my God and I praise and worship my King for He is Sovereign. I feed by studying and reading His Word and on the preaching’s and teachings of my Apostle and Bishop,…


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I Bow not!

We bow not our knees unto false gods or idols nor images in our house we serve the Lord whole heartily without compromise and without wavering. We give all reverence unto our Sovereign King; He chosen us before we choose our selves. Preordained we were, predestined and hand picked before the laying of the foundation of this present world and chosen for the next!

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I'm in love with my God

 I am radically in love with my God; He loved me before I knew myself! And saved me from myself! He is faithful, trust worthy! My God was and is there for me when others failed!I believe Him and I Trust Him! He has not turn His back on me nor forsaken me! He is my strength, my Rock, He is my BOAZ!

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My Bio

I am first and foremost in love with my God, I break before the mere presence of Him. I am covered and blood washed and Holy Ghost baptized, I'm peculiar unto my God a royal priesthood and choosen of Him. I love not the world neither the rudiments of, the love of my God is in me and greater He is in me. The eyes of the Lord behold me and His ears open unto my prayers. Satan has no place in me, and the Light of me compels eclipsing all that is dark. My…

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We forgive them in their Ignorance

Lord we forgive those that have sin and trespass against us even in their ignorance unknowingly; we hold no grudges nor ill will in our hearts towards them in Jesus name. And we pray that they turn from their evils ways, humbling themselves before you that you may heal their hearts in Jesus name.

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