Are you seeking to join a fellowship? Please check out Maranatha Faith Fellowship International

We are currently looking to expand our fellowship accross the United States. We are in much prayer that God would send us leaders with great integrity and a heart to reach God’s people. Please feel free to view our website, contact our Headquarter Office at for more information. Please pray about your decision to join us in the Lord’s endeavors.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and continued prayers as we do a work for the Lord.

Bishop Diante Waldon
International Presiding Prelate


MFFI Fellowship is incorporated as an association of ministers, autonomous congregations and ministries joined together by common persuasions, purposes and principles.

MFFI furnishes a viable option to the church, ministry or minister seeking support from and fellowship with other kingdom oriented churches, ministries, and ministers without the organizational intensity of denominationalism. MFFI encompasses apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists and all who demonstrate a call to the ministry.

We emphasize sound biblical doctrine, commitment to the authority of Scripture, networking of missionary opportunities, Christian fellowship, and the liberty of persons and churches to secure a place of ministry within their individual contexts.

The Apostolic Council of Maranatha Faith Fellowship International is the advisory council for the development workshops, seminars and conferences sponsored by MFFI. These leaders serve as a “think tank” for ministry development, educational opportunities/conferences, and church growth strategies.

What We Provide

We provide spiritual covering to pastors, churches and ministries worldwide.

· Workshops and seminars on church development, order, government, administration, worship and the arts, economic developments

Provide counseling for a pastor in family matters, personal issues, etc.

College of Bishops, Overseers, Elders and Ministerial training to train preachers and church leaders.


MARANATHA FAITH FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL, Inc. is a fellowship of Christian ministries called together to provide spiritual covering to pastors and Christian leaders. (Acts 15:36; 16:9)

2. Why do we need MFFI?

Churches of the 21st Century need an understanding of divine order, leadership and spiritual gift administration. MFFI assists in meeting the needs of new ministries and those churches going through a transition from traditional churches to spirit-filled. (I Corinthians 12:28; Ephesians 4:11,12)

3. What is ministry covering?

Ministry covering is the providing of apostle-like support to pastors in their ministries and personal lives. In I Timothy 1:2, II Timothy 2:6; Titus 1:4, 5; Colossians 4:7,8 are references to the spiritual covering that Paul provided to many pastors for encouragement, intercession, counsel, instruction and friendship.

4. What are requirements for joining MFFI?

A) Meet with an MFFI Representative.
B) Pastors may join MFFI by filling out an application. After the application process has been completed each pastor, church, or ministry is asked to sow assessments into the fellowship.

This money will be used for office administration and the usual costs involved in communication and printing a defrayment of conference cost.

C) A pastor or minister uniting without a ministry may enroll at the individual assessment level.
D) Can I be affiliated with MFFI and be a member of other fellowships and conventions?

Yes. As a Fellowship MFFI is an additional resource to assist you in building your ministry and connecting you to people and organizations. MFFI is not a denominational fellowship.

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