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There are, no doubt, many of the Cloth who wonder why the African presence is missing in the bible, despite the fact that Kush “spelled “Cush” via Greek translation, is the second country mentioned in the bible (Genesis 2:13), and may very well be the first because both the Pison and the Gihon Rivers are indigenous to Ethipia, based on the ancient and modern geography.  Such historical errors and omissions render the first translation of the bible by the Greeks in 322 somewhat historically inaccurate and misleading, from the very beginning.  There is no error to correct a wrong the error only occurs when one knows there is an error and no one amongst us has tried to correct it, or do you we know it (the hidden history of KUSH) but are too afraid to speak it?  Either way, you violate God’s law to defend truth, if you do not, have not, support Truth in Text.  Is there anything wrong with wanting an accurate translation than the one in 322 AD?  Why has everyone translated and interpreted our ancient text, but us?  Don’t you think its time for us to at least first learn this sacred history and remarry it to the immutable truths in the bible…this way we will have a stronger truth…a more accurate translation of the bible.  Many know this but how many are willing to stand  up. The ancient Bloodline from Adam to King David, King Solomon, Queen of Sheba and their Son Menelik I and even of Yesus Christos and Haile Selassie I the last king of the Solomonic Dynasty to sit upon the Throne of David, in Ethiopia, in modern times (1930-1975).  His descendats, The Royal Family of Ethopia, are still alive.

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