We use to clap our hands stomp our feet
to the drums, piano, and tambourine beat."
When you didn't feel like going, those missionary sisters would knock at the doe'
Grab your hand, rush ya out the house, and say what ya staying home fa'
Sister would sit there
And give you that glare
That made you sit with your shoulders back
While she praised God with that Hallelujah clap
Preacher preaching two hours long
we nodding our head, while sisters moaned.
But we didn't nod long with the slap on the knee
That was sistah's way of saying I will stretch out my hands to thee
"Cause this the Lord's house and in this house you will obey
And you'll find out the Lord is the only way.
But they made us listen, we didn't play with God
And making us pay attention was the elder's job.
What happened to Sunday church by the way
Children in the church house don't listen to what we say.
Too much entertaining going on
But we need to give them the Word and Scripture and how to be strong.
Too busy trying to please our children with everything out today
When they get older, will they follow Jesus' way?
I miss that ole' Sunday Church where momma was respected and knew best,
Where they taught us not to compromise, stand despite the hurt
I miss that ole time religion, what happened to our Sunday church?

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