The Gift was not wrapped with fancy paper or bows 

Instead He was wrapped in swaddling clothes

The Gift did not come with flashing lights or bell ringers    

Twas a perfect little babe with 10 toes and 10 fingers

The Gift had not robe or crown on its head 

But was laid in an animal trough instead

The Gift did not dwell in a fancy palace  

Yet in His heart He held no malice

And with those toes He walked the streets  

Deliverance & Repentance He would preach

And those fingers attached to His hand       

Healed the infirmities of this sin sick land

And with the "heart" that held no malice or strife  

He forgave us ALL & gave up His life

Though doubted, taunted & hated by most   

Still another gift He gave, His precious Holy Ghost

To accept Him is to receive His power within  

To overcome obstacles & the ability to win

To deny HIM is also denying The Cross  

And you will have suffered such a great loss

So as we enter into a New Year    

Listen to these words of wisdom and HEAR!

For you can depend on this one thing  

ONLY Christ is SAVIOUR, LORD and KING!!    


                    composed by: Dr. Wynelle Jordan-Alexander, TH.D

                     copyright @ Jan. 2011

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