There are untold numbers of instances of the omnipotence of God, and the validation of His supernatural power is unescapable, and undeniable, even to the agnostics and "evolutionists". This world,in all three dimensions, is electrified by power, in the earth, in the sky,and in the heavens, and even hell beneath has it's own power. Power is interpreted differently and means something different to most people, either by definition, influence, or experience. To some, quite a lot actually, "money" is power, when in fact, it's only currency", and currency is a "vehicle" whereby something is accomplished, or a "conductor", or conveyor to allow one access through, purchase, or gratuity, to something they desire. Money could never be real "power", because of it's fickleness, instability ,and the fact that it can be "lost", and that it can be destroyed. All these factors demonstrate that money is "subject" to something other than itself, so there are other components with more power than the principle that men barter, murder, and go to war over. Real "power" is that thing over which none other has any dominion, control,or authority, and that is why the Bible declares that the "only POWER that be, IS THE POWER OF GOD!" Within the realm of the earth, there are many diverse energies classified as "power", when they' re no more than that, just "concentrated energy", such as the wattage of electricity, fuel, solar energy, and then there's the "power" of a woman, which is another blog. "Power" defined is control; or influence Biblically, it is defined as strength; wealth; ability; or substance, and taking all of these attributes into consideration and combining them, you come up with "GOD"! He alone is our Strength, the Lifter of our heads, Jehovah-Jireh our Provider,, the Well Able God, and the Lord, Who supplies all of our needs according to His riches and glory, in Christ, Jesus. It was through the "power" of His omnipotent voice, that He spoke the world into existence, and by the omnipotence of His hands that He formed a creature, so intricately designed, that no two hairs on his head are identical, and his body is filled with the perfect amount and balance of blood, oxygen, hair producing, bone producing, teeth producing, organ nurturing, and heart regulating substance, chemicals, and nutrients. The intense detail to each creature,called "man's" body is an awesomely intriguing meshing, and network of individually crafted cells and tissues, each with a different, definitive, and specific purpose, but yet they work together to the good , the life, and the perfect functioning of the whole body. THAT'S POWER!

Biblically, there are two major powers that work dependently,and in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, through the ascended Spirit of Christ, which is the Holy Ghost; one being the "dunamis" of God, and the other being the "exousia". When Jesus ascended on high, He left behind His divine power, because He recognized that we would be destroyed without it, and it is the recognition, embracing, and application of that "power" that has secured the ultimate victory and triumph for us, because by the working of His undefeatable power, He made an open show of the enemy, and snatched the keys to death, hell, and the grave, not with an angelic host, a clique of "Men in Black', or regiments of warriors, but by the united work of the Father, and the Holy Ghost. No one "had his back" or was shielding Him, so even in "death", His divine power still prevailed, and every knee had to bow, THAT'S POWER!
How absolutely awesome is it, that the same power He used to perfectly number every grain of sand, form a whole new person from a microscopic cell, balance the sun in the sky,and cause the turbulent sea to "peace and be still", and the winds and the waves obey? Who coluld cause a snake to slither and crawl on it's belly, and have it to know that thats what it's supposed to do? Who could cause a bird to fly in the right direction, and not fall out of the sky? What kind of power could take a single apple seed, and grow a whole orchard"? Who could differentiate the diverse species of insects and cause one to live off blood, while another enjoys the nectar of a flower blossom , or the cattle, who, by their dunamis created nature, give milk? What other power in, on, upon, or under the earth can divinely create and engineer a fish, and perfectly align the scales? By what other wonder working power , do you know, can give the birds of the air the instinct to gather in perfect formation when snow is on it's way, and flee to warmer climates, or adjust the law of gravity for "flying" animals,and determine which of them would be "hopping" creatures? Who would think to create, or even know how to create an elephant, a giraffe, or a gnu"? These are all evidence of the Highest Power in all of creation, the one Who will cause all other "demi gods" to bow their knee in His fearsome presence,as He performs the impossible, incredible, and unbelievble through His "dunamis" power of creative authority. He has made man in His image, and willed him dunamis and exousia power to destroy the works of the enemy, and dunamis authority to creatively govern and ,appropiate our lives, health, finances, mind and body. There's no need for us to take a whipping from the adversary, because the very dunamis power of God is our gift to overcome the enemy, and tread upon serpents and scorpions, and put a violent bone cracking "beat down" on the adversary! It is by "dunamis" that we have the power to evangelize and declare the glorious Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, IN DEMONSTRATION AND IN POWER, and not having a 'form'' of Godliness, but denying the "power" thereof.

When we are able to grasp the absolute, literal truth of God's Word, it's inherent power, and recognize that we who've been created in His image, and reborn, have some serious power, and we're sitting on, weeping in the midst of, and being pitiful in the presence of, these two vast weapons,that have been supplied for us to torpedo, and bombard the gates of hell, we will see God's kingdom come on earth, even as t is in heaven.. We have exousia, just like Christ, only more potent, to perform signs, wonders, and greater works, because He said I'm leaving you with exousia and dunamis, so that these works you see Me do, shall ye do, but even greater works! To operate effectively in the '"exousia" of God, one must Iive a consecrated life, because the enemy loves being challenged by a half-baked, partially saved, "living nothing" believer, presuming to have the exousia of God! Before you take on, and confront a real demon, use the exousia of God to clean up your own life and spirit, so that you can enter in, lifting up holy hands without wrath or doubting,having not sworn deceitfully, nor lifted up thy soul unto vanity.. We've been given dunamis power to decree a thing and so shall it come to pass. If you want that man off of heroin, utilize your "dunamis"! We've been blessed with exousia,to call those things that are as though they be not, and those that be not as though they are! We're empowered with the dunamus of God to "speak" to the moutain, and His "exousia" to cause the "axe head" to swim, and to smite the rock ,and expect a miracle! Exousia will yet restore sight to the blind, cure cancer, regulate minds, and cease abortions. It will compel the loan officer who denied your first request ,to call you back in to sign the contract , and at lower points. There was "dunamis" in operation when He spoke to the little dead handmaiden "Talitha cumi", and rigor mortis, and eternal sleep had to loose it's hold!! We are sitting on all of this dynamite,and spiritual explosives , with more than enough "juice" to wipe hell, hades, and sheol off the map, and to anihilate the enemy, and we sit clueless like a car in a parking lot, with a driver who won''t start the engine and "go". In as much that He's left us fully equipped with everything that pertains to life and godliness ."Why sit ye here and die, when you've got exousia"! The power is not going to work 'FOR" you, you've got to WORK THE POWER! Lights don't come on in your home unless you permit them to,by flipping the switch,or maybe clapping your hands, and the power you've been endued with works the same way. Diligently working the exousia of God will spark revivals and send backsliders flooding the altar, "TROUBLE" THE HEALING WATERS, AND KEEP THE FOUNTAINS FILLED WITH THE BLOOD FROM EMMANUE'L'S VEINS, FLOWING.No believer should be under the devil's bondage, when you have the capacity to bring down ranks of demonic influence, not just in your life, but the lives of others. This "exousia", and "dunaims", is not controlled by corporations, nor measured by kilowatts, or amps, but it is controlled by the Spirit of the God of Omnipotence, and measured by the blood of the Lamb!

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