God bless you my brothers and sisters, I would like to thank you for your participation and or prayers for this event. The first night Min. Larry Rodgers was my partner and he came with the anointing that brought the people to their feet. He brought and anointed Word on Holiness and fully converted the 70 year old pastor on Holy Hip Hop. We brought the Word and made the alter call and a man outside the tent came forth saying he heard the music a block away and heard the word and wanted to be saved.
Tuesday night Json was my partner and I call him the Bishop Jakes of Hip Hop you don't know whether to pump your fist are sit down and take notes. People not use to Holy hip hop had their mouths opened because they heard the word of God broken down and explained in rap. After the Word of God the call for the alter was made 6 people responded and were saved. One was filled with Holy Ghost with evidence of tongues.
Wednesday night Mynista was our partner. The pastor was blessed to see Mynista praying under the tent an hour and a half before the service. A tornado warning was in the area on the Doppler radar the tornadoes were to the north and the south of St. Louis but we were clear in the middle, praise God. Mynista shared his testimony like Json of being involved with drug dealing. Mynista was tempted with the occult but God dealt with him for 7 days after thoughts of suicide and was was delivered. God used Mynista in Rap so, he prophesied to my wife and I in rhyme without missing a beat and it was on point. After he finished he whispered to me if he could make an alter call I said by all means and people rushed up for prayer one brother received the Holy Ghost a lady was trouble and demons were cast out and after her deliverance she received the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. That night I didn't even try to preach after God did what He wanted to do.
Thursday night the crowd grew bigger to the point many stood the entire service not counting those across the street who sat every night in front of their homes. Red Note led in praise and worship in Holy hip hop form. "Hallelujah to the the King of King" Then my brother Gregg Haynes and the Happy Guitar played "Praise is what I do". Then came Slugger Roo and he ministered like I never seen him do before he even in the middle of his song "It's gonna be ok" began to minister in the Spirit as he stated to himself as well as the people and we all were swept away. After the Word "Stuntin Like My Daddy"(doing what I see the Father do),the alter call was made and the alter was full with those who wanted walk like the Father also 7 souls gave themselves to God to be saved.
Friday my partner was Nethra Denise who rapped and sang contemporary Gospel that brought Joy to tent. A brother gave his testimony how God spared his life to save his soul. The message that night was "The recipe for success in life" Joshua 1:8 and I Pet. 1:1-9 The whole tent came up to recieve the anointing for that word. ( that CD is available by request) A man that came 3 nights in a row decided it was time to get saved. At this time the count of souls saved and or baptized in the Holy Spirit since June 15th are 107 to the glory of God.
Finally Saturday was the Welcome to the Family after party with open mic Hosted by myself and DJ G. Thanks to the Dream Center we were able to serve BBQ burgers and hot dog with drinks to the community. Surprisingly the tent was over-flowed with artist and people from the neighborhood. I never knew that the STL had so much anointed talent like Saved, Lil Biz, Alias Tragic,Samuel "The human beat box",Brother King, Dahn B and his son, Nethra Denise, Slugger Roo and more. What was phenomenal was God made his own alter call. Neighbors came and got food and ask for prayer one even asked to be saved. Pray for us as we continue "taking it to the streets, for the church has left the building" Thanks Pastor Boda for that Word

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