The grain is ground to make bread.
       People do not ruin it by crushing it forever.
    The farmer separates the wheat from the chaff with his cart,
       but he does not let his horses grind it.

                          Isaiah 28:28 NVC


The Almighty God's love is truly unfailing and His wisdom is infinite. Grain has to be crushed to remove the chaff. The chaff served a purpose during the early stages of the grain. The chaff was present encapsulating the grain from the first budding all the way through to the harvest. But the time comes when the grain matures and the grain has to serve purpose. Whether that purpose is to be a seed in next seasons planting or make bread; the chaff has to be left behind.

The chaff is dead by the time the grain has matured. It has served it purpose. It has dried up and can no longer grow or be a part of what is ahead for the grain. If the chaff remains and the grain is not released then that which is within the grain will remain dormant and will decompose with time.

Being separated from something that we have grown accustom to being apart of our lives and thought that we just have to have is a harsh experience. The Lord allows the crushing process to take place. It is very painful but it separates us from every dead matter and residue from our past that would otherwise restrict or prevent what He has in mind for our future.

The crushing or threshing process is not supposed to last forever or be too extreme otherwise the grain would be ruined and useless. But it is a process that has to take place. After the threshing then comes the winnowing.

What is winnowing? This is when the threshed grain and chaff has to be tossed into the air at a time when the wind is blowing with enough force to remove the chaff and leave the grain. The chaff is lighter in weight than the grain. The wind blows the chaff away and the grain falls to the ground. The grain and chaff are repeatedly tossed into the wind until nothing is left but grain. Selah.

The past events and occurrences that have taken place have been crushing. People and things that we thought would be there are no where to be found. It seems that our lives and everything that concerns us is either up in the air or thrown to the wind because of circumstances beyond our control. The winds of life altering change and constant upheaval has us at a point of disorientation wondering what is happening and when will it end.

These things had to happen. That door had to be shut. The people that are no longer in your life can not go where the Lord is taking you. All that is behind you is dead and has nothing to offer but memories. Yes, all of it had to be destroyed so the option of returning was no longer available. All of what has taken place is nothing more than just a part of the process and the threshold to your place of purpose and destiny.

          The threshing or crushing released you from the restraints and hinderances that would have other wise held you back and sabatage your future. The threshing is past and the winnowing winds of change are about to settle and your season of purpose is about to unfold. Now you are about to discover what it is to really live and walk in destiny. Rejoice and magnify the name of the Lord! Amen!


                              Apostle S. Louis Johnson

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