On Friday March 12, 2010 @ 10:00 pm we will be having a shut in called One Knight with The King. The Knight represents you or me and we will be bowing down going before the King of Glory. Praying and pulling down strongholds around the country, the neighborhoods, our homes, our finances, our churches, our jobs, our families, our health and where ever Satan feels he can show his head. Today I need your committment where ever you are or where ever you may be that night to join us Friday March 12, 2010 @ 10:00 pm until 6:00 am If you can't be with us, to help us pull down strongholds across the country. We at our church will be serving free breakfast after the shut in is over. Will you commit today by emailing me at hayarocks@comcast.net and let me know what town you are in and what location so that I can send a blast to let others know there is a place somewhere near them that has a plan in place to stand in the gap that night that they may join you. The word of God says one can chase a thousand two can put ten thousand to flight, can you imagine what 10,000 of us can do? This is a call for the cunning and wailing men and women, the prayer warriors, the souled out and annointed. We got to lay between the porch and the altar, Late over in the midnight hour I believe God can work in your favor and turn some things around on your behalf, in your neighborhood, your city, your town, even in your church. This is Pastor Pat Johnson of Hayah Rock Christian Ministries, where we render the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ, (If you don't believe in Jesus and you get this you can exclude yourself this time and save all the negative feed back, the only fight I'm looking for is with the accurser of the brethren, Satan himself!) located at 1254 Villa Rica Rd Powder Springs, GA 30127 (678) 502 8238 Pray about it and email me with your information or send an answer here on Black Preaching Network Thank you! Hayah!

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