Where you at?  Every time I turn the TV on it seems as if I hear this song on somebody's show.  Somehow I have begun to believe that God will send a word in a dry season to rain on his people through available sources.  As I listened to the words of the song by Jennifer Hudson it ministered to me and I felt I should send a word out to God's people who would allow me to ask "where you at?"  Pick up your armor and stay in the fight!  If your brook has run dry God has another way to sustain you in this season.  Yes you have spoken the prophetic things of God and believed God so many times for others.  Don't Doubt God for yourself!  Believe God in this Season.  This week my battery operated clock on the wall stopped working so I had to set my phone for my husband to go to work until we could get a chance to get a battery and the ladder to replace the battery in the clock.  On Friday night I looked up at the clock and it was running as if it had never missed a tick.  The right time to the minute, as if it had never stopped running or ever missed a beat.  I asked my husband when had he fixed the clock and He said he didn't.  Laughing I said if you didn't who did?  He said he didn't know.  As I sat there looking at the clock I remembered praying this week asking God How long before we come out of this economic drought and He reminded me of my prayer.  I believe the drought is ended, But I didn't get happy because the clock stopped, I got excited because it started back at the correct time. I scratched my head and said nobody but God.  I'm a person that believes that time and purpose brings destiny to life.  Without purpose, time can't create destiny and without time, purpose can't allow destiny to flow.  Saints of God I believe that it doesn't matter when you stopped, its your time to start back up again and God will allow you to be positioned as if you never lost a step, a place, a house, a home, a member or a song.  Where you at? Get Back up and Do what you said you would do for him!    Loosing love your way.

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