prepare the way for a new generation....

This is a prophetic word that God gave to me concerning the church of Mauritius but I really believe that it is also valid for other nations…

Read in your Bible in 1 king 12:26 to 13:3.
The kingdom of Israel has been split into two kingdoms… Jeroboam was the king of ten tribes and Roboam the king of Judah. Now the temple was in Jerusalem… the glory of God was in Judah. The presence of God dwells in Jerusalem. Jeroboam said that if the people make it to the House of God they will return to Roboam, so he established an idol worshipping and the Bible tells us that he establish feast like the one in Judah (1king 12:32)

The Lord show me that the church today is divided… we see so many things in the church that seem spiritual and godly but its root is carnal and satanic. When we look at the church is seem to be spiritual, the music sound spiritual, the preaching sound spiritual, everything look so spiritual… but when you look in the spirit you can see that the “church” is in a spirit of religion… it looks like God but it is not God… it tries to sound like God but it is not God…. Just like jeroboam established a feast that resembles the one of Judah, we have established churches that look spiritual but the root is evil and carnal.

But there came a man of god from Judah, from the presence of God that prophesied against this false religion that has the form of godliness… so today God is raising prophets from his remnant that will go to these religious churches that look spiritual and prophesy against this religious system of the church. Men and women that will not be afraid to stand against the majority and declare boldly what God is saying…
For thus saith the Lord: Prophesy against this religious system… stop prophesying blessing and prosperity upon this rebellious church… stop shouting the glory is coming to this nasty people… for it is not my glory that is coming but my hand of wrath… but rejoice for I will raise a new generation in this season who will say I tired of Church I want the glory… stand up men of God stand up prophets of the Most High and start prophesying against this religious system and prepare the way for the remnant…

PS: plz excuse me. I’ve tried my best to put it in proper English; it’s not my mother tongue so hope you’ve been blessed by these words…
Stay bless in the Lord…. Don’t forsake your walk of integrity and holiness
Keep on praying and stay in the word….

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Comment by Eric Hancock on August 1, 2009 at 7:43pm

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