Sounding the alarm on Domestic Abuse in the Black Church !

In recent weeks , I have read blogs and heard stories of Godly women , women in ministry , even women in the pews being abused physically , mentally and emotionally .Tell me brothers and sisters ,,, how long are we goingto sit on the fence while women are being tormented by their abusers, the men in the pulpit , the armorbearer , the deacons? Hopw long are we goingto be passive and just allow this to happen ?

I'm very passionate about this because I am a survivor of this very thing. I was blessed to get out before
I lost my mind or before my husband started to hit me . See, I was mentally and emotionally abused. My husband manipulated scripture and spoke negatively in my life to the point that I couldn't function in my calling like I should have .I was told " to keep my mouth shut and not talk about it " . Or "people will think that you are crazy to talk about your marriage '. Listen , if I can help a sister come through it , if I can tell my story of healing and restoration to help her see that she is not alone , I'm going to do so . Iam committed to telling my sisters that you can overcome this adversity with the help of the Lord . I'm going to make noise about it until something is done !

Last Friday , I had a teleconference on this , I have advertised this on this very network , my site and on other networks . Only 3 people came on the call . I have to admit , I was sorely disappointed but I will not relent until we as the people of God step it up and have real talk on it .Tell me this , are we so consumed with pushing our own agendas , that we push aside the social ills of the world , to promote ourselves ? Are we so busy pursuing ministry that we cannot take the time to explore the real issues ? Hello??? this is ministry calling . This needs our attention now !

I'm asking for the support to bring this to the forefront and call this spirit out . for the enlightment and to find solutions . To cultivate healing for the abused and deliverance for the abuser. Please , let us not be complacent but let us spring into action on this and deal with one of the things that the church has been evading for so long !

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