There is so many people who are hurting physically, mentally ,and spiritually by people that is suppose to love them . The people that hurt other people are usually the ones who have been hurt themselves by other hurt people. Its a vicious cycle that we have to end. There's an old saying ,"sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." THAT'S A LIE !  Words do hurt ! That pink thing in our mouths is full of poison and it kills people. People leave church every week because of the words someone speaks out of their mouths and usually the person that is leaving is a new babe in Christ. The bible says that its best that you put a stone about your neck and jump in the sea than to touch one of his children. We don't know where people came from and we need to think before we speak cause the words that you speak could damage a person's self-esteem .

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