We as the body of Christ gotta be true leaders and not religious hypocrites. We have a really bad habit of saying one thing and doing another. We have to realize that the  world is watching us. They're watching us in how we conduct ourselves in church,after church,and online. I recently was on my website  and  there is a older guy who is a atheist. He doesn't believe in God but he sees my vids and reads my blog post religiously. He asked me why is the church corrupt?  My answer was that the church is not corrupt its the hearts of the leaders and congregation that is corrupt. We have to be living examples of Christ cause believe it or not we're the only God they see.

The people in the world are looking for true leaders of God to guide them , answer bible question, and pray for them. Before go out to lead anyone we need to be taught . An unskilled person will give a  babe in Christ meat instead of milk and as a result the babe will choke to death because they was fed the wrong food.


I have a great pastor who will do what is required even if it means ,"pushing people over the proverbial cliff " The season for "babysitting" folk needs to be over. If they don't want to do what job requires remove them. It is a simple as that. Soul saving is important and lazy leaders can bring down a ministry in a heartbeat if you let'em. 


In school I hated studying. It was boring and I felt like I had better things to do with my time. Then I found out via "A TEST" that ignorance carries a hefty price. I now study for everything that I do, from my music on Sunday to God's word. My goal is to be the best at what I do for God and should be every leader's desire. Taking the time to study makes you a more prepared person regardless what you do whether its in church, or school. Young People , if you want to be a great leader it comes by cracking a book. Education is the key to opening doors.


None of us are so smart or know the bible so well that you think that you don't need to go and learn more. In this time ; now more than ever we need to learn about God's word so we can place it in our heart so when the enemy comes at us we'll have the WORD OF GOD in us. Timothy says," Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." TRUE LEADERS LEAD BY EXAMPLE !

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