The Counting of the Omer...A Bridge to Relationship

The Seven Weeks (Counting the Days of Omer) brings us into contact with our emotions. This time helps us to "gain" control of them. In Counting the Omer we come into the realization of the "7 Attributes" of God that was put into us at Creation. In doing this we can acheive only limited attributes through our own initiative, as we travail in refining every emotional corner of our "psyche, only then can we receive the "manna" from heaven not like the manna our forefathers ate of in the "wilderness". We receive the gift of "true freedom" that can only come through the blood of Christ Jesus our "Passover" Lamb. In the Spirit that He sent to us from heaven we gain the ability to transcend our human limitations and touch the "divine". We now have transcened from Milk and Bread to be able to hold Wine (annoiting) and Meat (the true essence of the believing the Word of God by revelation that will change our situations).
What are these "7 Attributes"?
Chesed - Loving-kindness
Gevurah -- Justice and discipline
Tiferet - Harmony, compassion
Netzach - Endurance
Hod - Humility
Yesod - Bonding
Malchut - Sovereignty, leadership
In Counting the Days of Omer we reach for the purpose and destiny of a "heavenly Father of the Bride of Christ". We reach and press towards the mark of this "high calling".

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