These two young men have more love between them than we see " anywhere today despite their differences. Mohamed found Foster on the Streets of Ghana having lost both of his parents and to young to know if anyone else was left in his family that could take care of him. After watching a while Mohamed approaced Foster and asked what happened to him, when Foster told Mohamed what had happened to him, he was moved by "compassion" to the depths of his heart, and he has been his "caretaker" every since. He has done this despite the fact that he is muslim and Foster is "Christian". He saw past what he could have determined to be a fault to meet a need. He had need of "Someone to watch over Him".....Mohamed did not teach Foster to become a Muslim because something in him told him to leave things as they were. He did not want to confuse Foster because it was Foster's belief in Jesus that had helped him to survive the streets of Ghana that had destroyed the lives of so many children like him. It's hard to encounter Foster and not be moved by his love for the Lord and the Faith he has in Him that He would someday come and deliver him. On a Paltalk Show, Sunday April 12th, 2009, someone sent me a message, saying "Will you be my mom?" and here I am now "forever " with "A Night to Remember Africa....I thought to myself that Foster and Mohamed were to old for an Orphanage, yet I was moved in my spirit to contact the River of Life Ministries anyway. When I contacted the "Woman of God" Sister Sharon Nabu, she said to me, "Love has no age". I realized at that point that the Lord's Love knows no age. It was then that I came to really know about "Divine Appointments". I came to know that God always has a "purpose and destiny" for every person we encounter in our lives. No person we encounter has not been sent by the Lord, when you know Him, for you to be an instrument of His use. Either to sow, plant, weed, water, or comfort. Somehow Jesus must be Glorified when He abides in you. If you want to help Foster and Mohamed get to Uganda, please send your donations to

Deliver The Word, Foster & Mohamed Travel Fund

OR The River of Life Ministries

OR Bishop Tyrone and Evangelist Wynn, CHC Ministries


Evangelist Orlena McQueen at InTheVineMinistries

Thank you so much for your Prayers, contributions, and for just listening to this story...Shirley Shaw, DeliverTheWord

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