The Process of Deliverance & ( Our True Calling)

If I am to be successful in Christ, I must die daily as Deliverance is a process. Deliverance goes way beyond the Sunday feel good message and the weekly prayer line walk. People of today need a message that is "Blatant" and non-conforming which will allow them to see the truth that it does not matter what you are struggling with God can heal, set free and deliver if you truly want to live Holy. If one cannot be honest about their struggles with thyself and confess it unto God how can we ever live FREE.

It is time for us to work together to Mentor and support our brothers and sisters and lift them up in times like these. The battle is in the spiritual realm as we all fight to renounce all the things that worketh against the will of God.

I respect my Traditional PAW upbringing being a PK, but God is molding me into a vessel of honor and cleaning up the residue left from the pullution of my Sins. The traditional church has brought us to a place of "Foundation" now it's time for us to take it to another level Globally in Christ.

People are educated now we can no longer control people they need to formulate a "Relationship" with Christ for themselves and through this they will obtain the necessary weapons needed to fight this battle.

The Lord is seperating the "Wheat from the Tare" and cleansing all that "WANT" to be cleansed. We must welcome everyone from "ALL WALKS of LIFE" Mentor and Minister to them so they can be the men and women that God intended for them to be that's Our "True" Calling. (True Fishers of Men)

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