This May Sound a Little Secular...But! - IT IS WHAT IT IS!!

MEN!!...It has ALWAYS been beyond me how you "EXPECT" that a woman can be your FRIEND after u'v been in a relationship....."ESPECIALLY"  if it had been a long term relationship.

Men next time before you hold that expectation ("picture this").....YOU now becoming an "EMPLOYEE" of the company you once OWNED!!   - "PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS"!!!


This comment does not stem from anything that "I" personally am going through at present....HOWEVER!...I don't know of "any" woman at "some" point in her life that has not experienced this......Though presently through my spiritual counseling I AM finding this is a concern with more and more ladies that I counsel with and it "really" needs to be addressed!!  -  Please, LET'S TALK !  - Keep it REAL...But keep it CLEAN!!

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