Sometimes things just don’t make sense! I do not know if they really are always supposed to or not.
God delivered the Children of Israel out of Egypt with great signs and wonders. Later, in Deuteronomy, He will ask them if they ever knew of a God who went into another nation to take His own nation out with such display of power and signs and wonders. (Deut. 4:34)

But even with all that, it had to be somewhat confusing to them. The first thing they did was run right into the Red Sea with Pharaoh’s army closing in behind them. Our first thought many times when we run into a tough spot is that we must have missed God! Moses had not missed God just because he faced the raging army or Sea!

As the story goes, God parted the sea and destroyed the army setting His own people free once again. They rejoiced with great singing, dancing, and tambourine playing! What a great day it was!

They leave the banks of the Red Sea to travel three days toward their destination only to find no water! They were so upset with Moses, to think that he had brought them all the way out into the wilderness only to die of thirst!
What were they thinking? God delivered them from Egypt, Pharaoh, and the Red Sea; what was bitter water to a God like that?

How many times do we easily forget the mighty displays of God’s power from our past when faced with our future? (that’s a rhetorical question – it’s too many to number! )

Just like God had an answer for their struggles before, He had one for them that day as well.

Moses scanned the edges of the bitter water looking for any kind of answers God might have for the crowd. Then God revealed the answer…. A Tree?

What good is a tree with bitter water? Have you ever tried to drink a tree? I would have had so many questions running through my mind as the ax was laid at the foot of the tree in pure obedience without understanding!

But the tree in the water was what was needed. The water cleared up and became sweet and multitudes were able to drink, sustain life, and be refreshed.

Oh if we could understand that the Tree – the cross makes life sweet once again! Even through the many struggles we face each day, the tree (His cross) brings a sweetness into the picture so that we can get through!

When His tree hits our bitter waters, life becomes sweet once again even in the midst of a wilderness.

Immediately following the entrance of the tree into the water, they traveled to an oasis. It won’t last long, for such is life, but for awhile they camped where there were 12 springs of water and had a reprieve.

Take just a moment to rejoice in the power of His cross, the sprinkling of His blood for the cleansing and refreshing of our souls and enjoy the reprieve for a moment resting in His work! Enjoy for it surely will not last long!

May it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. (Galatians 6:14)

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