when the light goes out....ygenerationnext‏

And Eli’s eyes had begun to grow dim that he could not see... and the lamp of the temple was in danger of going out. A YOUTHFUL SAMUEL EMERGED. Much is said about the existing global challenges and the extent to which the systems and pattern by which we are governing are in danger of fading away. What since of tragedy, fear and anxiety exist and grips us all and to an extent understandable so, afteral all that we have come to know and be comfortable with is at the place of extinction. Such was the case in Eli’s day... A PRIESTLY AND GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY WAS NO LONGER EFFECTIVE. Vision and hope to carry the emerging generation was few and far apart. Yet as fearful as that seemed imagine the alternative; were the existing systems and pattern allowed to remain, as corrupt as they had become, even more tragic for the emerging generation had that even the only pattern left to follow. CONTINIOUS PERPETTRATION OF AN EXCEEDING EVIL .I submit therefore that existing global challenges is not our demise but rather a tremendous opportunity for the emerging generation to redefine and reestablish those cultural values, patterns and blueprint that is sustaining in nature. After all their entrance give them some legitimacy to purity and a picture of the future.IN THE MIDST OF WHAT WAS UNCERTAIN, A YOUTHFUL SAMUEL EMERGED. The survivability of YGENERATIONNEXT is not in question. Their arrival is already sufficient evidence of the kind of durability that within...NINE MONTHS SHUT UP IN DARKNESS, AN ENVIROMENT THAT THEY SURVIVE... WHAT GREAT LIGHT LIES WITHIN THEM...? YGENERATIONNEXT IS ABOUT GIVING WAY TO WHAT WAS AND EMBRACING WHAT IS ALREADY HERE... A NEW LIGHT HAS COME

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