I see you you know

You used to come to church

Every Sunday

But not anymore

Why have you replaced Me?

Allowing your ‘special’ activity to take precedence.

I see you you know

Christmas would come around

And before the month even grew warm

You were already celebrating my Son.

Why have you replaced Me?

Speaking of the holiday, compromising the reason.

I see you you know

The home-cooked family meals

Were more than just an opportunity to eat

It was that once a week chance you all had to fellowship

With Me

Why have you replaced Me?

Grabbing a quick fix and sitting in front of the TV.

I see you you know

You used to play 21 with your son

And throw a couple of balls around.

I enjoyed watching you enjoy each other.

But why have you replaced Me?

Now your son does that with his coach.

I see you you know

You used to stand for Me when school interfered with my plan.

But not anymore..

Now My plan has to be in line with the school’s.

Why have you replaced Me?

A snow day can take the place of Good Friday but not a vacation day…

Without a word spoken.  Without a complaint murmured.

I heard you say it’s okay.  It’s just a day after all.

Why have you replaced Me?

I saw you you know.

The death, burial and resurrection of My Son

Doesn’t take on new meaning for you anymore.

After all you have your salvation.  What more can you need?

It’s a done deal. 

Let them get theirs I heard you say.

But why have you replaced Me?

Every time you allow someone,

Some thing,

Some place

To take my place… you replace Me.

Every time you put yourself first,

What YOU want to do,

What YOU think is best,

What YOU feel,

You replace Me.

I saw you you know.

When they spit at My Son

And mocked Him and He spoke not a Word.

I saw you.

When He got up on that cross

And allowed Me to put YOUR sins,

and the sins of the world on Him.

I saw you.

When they pierced Him in His side.

And the blood came gushing out.

I saw you.

When My Son cried out to Me,

Father, Father… Why have You forsaken Me?

And I didn’t answer…

Because I saw you.

And replaced Him…

because I saw You.

Why have you replaced Me?

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